Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Imperial Power Suit Boss Guide

This Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Imperial Power Suit Boss Fight guide will help you fight against the Imperial Power Suit, and will contain tips and strategies for the boss fight.

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Imperial Power Suit Boss

You will face Imperial Power Suit after you have cleared the Megalopolis area. You’ll find this relatively tougher boss fight divided into four phases. Keep in mind that as you proceed forward, the fight’s only going to get tougher and tougher. Your tactics will have to change as you adapt to the new techniques the boss begins to exhibit.

The dynamic nature of the fight is exactly what makes the RnC Rift Apart Imperial Power Suit Boss Fight all the more interesting. It keeps you on your toes while continuously throwing new things at you.

How to Defeat Imperial Power Suit

If you feel that things have gotten a little too overwhelming for you in the Imperial Power Suit Boss Fight. We’re here to show you information and tips that can help you ace the boss fight in Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart.

Imperial Power Suit Phase #1
The first phase of the boss fight will put you against Imperial Power Suit where he will use Rifts to teleport his hands to you and fight with you using the hands.

The hands will shoot beams of laser that you can easily avoid by jumping from them. Time your jumps right and you will dodge them with ease. The hands will shoot lasers from left to right or right to left. Keep running towards the opposite sides and jump when the laser comes close to you.

To deal damage to the boss, aim at the orange screens in the palm of the hands. Shooting those screens will deal critical damage to him. The Headhunter weapon will be quite useful in this fight to deal the most damage. Once its health reaches 75%, the next phase of the boss fight will begin.

Imperial Power Suit Phase #2
You will be facing its head in this phase of the fight where he will begin to shoot purple laser from his eyes. Just like previous laser attacks, it is also very easy to dodge these lasers. Time your jumps and you will be fine.

The weak spot in this phase will be both of its eyes. Make sure that your aim is on the Imperial Armor Boss for this whole fight sequence. He will also shoot red and purple blobs of energy from its mouth that follow you around and fire at the same spot for a short time.

The movement will be the key to win this fight. Keep hurting it till its health reaches 1%. The next phase will begin once its health drops to 1%.

Imperial Power Suit Phase #3
This next sequence is an easy one. You just have to jump from one platform to another using grapple and defeating the Monks on your way towards the boss. When you get near to the boss, you will be transported inside its body to damage the Suit’s heart.

Imperial Power Suit Phase #4
This is the final phase of the fight where you will be inside the chest of the Imperial Power Suit and have to destroy the heart. The heart will be shielded and you have to hit the red nodes to deactivate the shield.

Use explosive attacks to damage the nodes and deactivate the shield. A bunch of its minions will spawn to stop you from destroying the shield. Take the minions out and get back to damaging the nodes.

Once all of the nodes have been destroyed and the shield has deactivated, the heart will be spoiled to you. Start shooting the red circles on the heart to deal critical damage.

The heart will form horizontal lines of electricity that will keep spinning around the platforms. Jump over the electric lines and keep shooting the heart.