Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Corson V Collectibles Locations Guide

In this Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Corson V Collectibles Locations guide, we will be covering all of the collectibles on the Corson V planet. These collectibles will include things like gold bolts, spy bolts, armor pieces, and any glitch challenges found on the Corson V planet. We will be making it extremely simple for you to find and collect all of these items.

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Corson V Collectibles Locations

Corson V is filled with a plethora of collectibles for you to collect. These include Armor pieces, Spybots, Gold bolts, and Glitch Challenge.

We recommend that you finish all of your story-related quests and activities on the planet before you decide to go hunt for all the collectibles. That way, you can explore and access all parts of the planet and be quicker as well.

Gold Bolt Locations

There are three Gold bolts for you to collect on this planet and we will be pinpointing the locations for both of them.

Gold Bolt #1
The first gold bolt is located in the center area of the planet. Head over to Mrs. Zurkon’s shop in the middle section of Corson V and then go up the stairs until you reach a climbable wall. Climb up and make your way to the security gates.

Vault over the gates and then take a right. Keep going until you reach a rift and then pull the rift to go ahead. Scale the wall in front of you and then take a left to face another rift.

Pull it to reach a lever. Interact with the lever to open the metal door of the factor and then make your way inside. You need to make your way to the other side of the room and climb the wall using wall jumps.

Keep going towards the right side and vault over any incoming boxes until you reach the very end of the conveyor belt and then collect the gold bolt.

Gold Bolt #2
The second gold bolt is located near Club Nefarious, near the middle right of Corson V. Move past the Dr. Nefarious hologram and tether to cross the gap and reach the other side. Head right until you see a wall jump platform. Then, take a right towards the alley and use the rifts to reach the second gold bolt.

Gold Bolt #3
The third and final gold bolt requires you to have the Phantom Dash ability on your Omni gloves. Now, head back to the market area and go north from Mrs. Zurkon’s shop until you reach the floating platform.

Ride it and reach the climbable wall. Then drop and use Phantom Dash to run across the wall to reach some crates. Smash those crates to find the third gold bolt.

Spybot Location

In the same factory where you got the first gold bolt, right after picking the gold bolt you can ride the conveyor belts again to reach the other side of the room. Go through the opening to reach a new room and make your way across by sticking to the left side and reaching the third room.

Now you have to reach the conveyor belts up in the air. To do that, you need to climb on top of one of the boxes until it gets close enough to a platform for you to jump on and keep on climbing.

Ride the conveyor belts in the air and reach the right side that has another opening that takes you outside the factory. You need to cross the train tracks and go right until you see the Spybot sitting inside a circular structure at the end of the train station. Fight any enemies that you encounter along the way and grab the Spybot.

Robot Disguise Helmet

You can obtain the Robot Disguise Helmet from Corson V by going to the Nefarious City and go inside the Pocket Dimension 22-54-97. This pocket dimension is located on the north side of Club Nefarious.

Once inside, make your way across to the other side by shooting the goons and jumping on top of the inflatables. It is very simple. All you need to do is jump across and not fall into the void below.

Once you reach the other side, you can interact with the armor pod to receive the Robot Disguise Helmet.

Glitch Challenge

The glitch challenge is located at the bottom middle of Corson V. Interact with the console to start it. Your objective here is to destroy the virus nests using a spider named Glitch and defeat any enemies you encounter along the way.

You can destroy any barricades or enemies using the Electro gun. The same Electro gun can be used to target virus nests. They are red and gooey in appearance. Once you destroy all of the virus nests, the glitch challenge will be completed and you will return to Corson V.

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