Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Blizon Crystal Locations Guide

Blizon Crystals in Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart are a type of collectibles that you will find in the game and in this Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Blizon Crystal Locations guide, we’ll tell you the location of all 30 of them!

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Blizon Crystal Locations

Blizon Crystals on Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart allow you to change the dimension you’re in when you strike one. You’ll need to interact with them as part of the story, but you really want all 30 to unlock the “Shifty Character” Trophy

You’ll find a lot of them over the course of the campaign but not all of them. The first 23 Blizon Crystals can be found in Blizar Prime, most of these are collected as you play the main story. The rest are found in Cordelion. The location of all the Blizon crystals are explained below.

Blizar Prime Blizon Locations

Location 1
Found when you are given the objective to find the Phase Quartz. From the spawn location the crystal is easily approachable nearby,

Location 2
This crystal is found in the Welcome Centre.  When you spawn there, it will be right in front of you.

Location 3
When you collect the 2nd crystal, the prompt to find next will appear on the map. This one is found on spiral platforms.

Location 4
 Interact with next optional objective to spawn near the location of the next Blizon Crystal which can be easily reached.

Location 5, 6 and 7
For these two crystals, start the Optional Objective ‘’ Cross the Chasm’’ you will find two crystals in the spawn area. After you collect 5th, backtrack and jump on the spiral platform, follow it to reach 6th. After you reach the 6th you the 7th one will become available in the same area

Location 8 and 9
When you are completing the main mission’’ Find the Phase Quartz’’ where you are finding the Science bots, from the area jump down on the rocky area behind you.  For the 9th crystal, use the block on your left and then floating blocks on your right to reach it.

Location 10 and 11
These two will appear as main objective marks on your map after finding 9th Crystal. You just need to follow the marker.

Location 12 and 13
These two crystals will become available after 11th. From the spawn location you might miss the one on your right behind a cage, get that first and then reach the 13th as the marker takes you.      

Location 14 and 15
Once again you need to follow the objective marker which will take you to the 14th Crystal. As soon as you get it jump on the path in front of you and go through the suspended platforms to reach the 15th one.

Location 16 and 17
After you reach the 15th the prompt to get 16th will appear. Access the marker and get the first one then reach the Bot platform and jump on the railing above you to reach the second one. Hit the 17th crystal and a crane will move it in your dimension. Now you can collect both 16 and 17

Location 18. 19, 20, 21, 22
When your objective is to ‘’ Access the Drill’’ in ‘’ Find the Phase Quartz’’ main mission, interact with the objective marker and slide on the rollercoaster like base in front of you. It will take you to 18th, 19th and then subsequent crystals.  You will need to stay on the path and hit all the crystals on the way to make the final one enter your dimension on the Main Drill where you can collect it by throwing the hammer on it.

Location 23
After the previous Blizon crystal, interact with next objective to reach the final crystal in Blizar Prime.


Location 24 and 25
In Cordelion, you will have to enter the Kedaro Station for Forge the Dimensionator.  Start the objective and go up the stairs on your left for 1st Crystal then go down the stairs in front of you then turn left and slide on the platforms.

From here you will see a snow hump on your left which you need to slide onto and long jump to a platform will take you to 25th Crystal

Location 26
In Rubion Forge when you get the objective to ‘’ Find the Rubion Forge’’, interact with the marker and from the spawn location, jump on the floaters on the water. Jump on the flatforms then dash right on the walls twice to reach the crystal.

Location 27
In Cordelion you will have to ‘’Escape the Other Dimension’’ from the spawn location, first use the nut infront of you to reveal the crystal found in Manufacturing Division and then hit it to get it.

Location 28
When you are given the objective to ‘’Return to Another Dimension’’, wait in the submerged water as the game itself takes you to the crystals.

Location 29
The Spawn location where you have to ‘’ Free Juice’’ will take you to this crystal

Location 30
The sub objective ‘’ Return to Surface’’ is where you go the moving platform behind you on our right. This will take you to the surface and the last crystal.