Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Blizar Prime Collectibles Locations Guide

Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart’s Blizar Prime is full of collectibles just waiting to be found and this Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Blizar Prime Collectibles Locations guide will help you find all their locations so that you can nab them all.

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Blizar Prime Collectibles Locations

There are 23 Blizon Crystals, 3 Gold Bolts, 1 Spybot, and 1 CraiggerBear located in Blizar prime. Let’s look at where you can find them all below.

Blizon Crystal Locations

Crystal #1
The first Blizar Crystal collectible is on the bottom right corner of the map, in a small alley. It’s a crystal floating in the open. Strike it to collect it.

Crystal #2
The second Blizon crystal is just to the right of the first. Head right into the facility and as soon as you enter, look to the right to find it.

Crystal #3
Head left from the fist crystal along the edge of the map for your next collectible. You will find it further ahead in a collapsed area. The first three crystals can be collected automatically in the story.

Crystal #4
When you reach the middle of the map with miners and a Ms. Zurkon vendor, check around the left side of the vendor for the 4th crystal.

Crystal #5-7
This crystal is found in the northeast area, leading to Chef Tulio. You can get it when doing the side quest. Once you take the first crystal, jump on the platform to the right and get to the 6th. From here, head straight on to get to the 7th. These three are in the same locations and very easy to collect.

Crystal #8-9
Again, both the crystals are near together. After using the flying platform to the left of the central platform where you found crystal # 4, you can find both the crystals right next to each other. From the 8th one, you’ll have to jump a few platforms to get to the 9th.

Crystal #10-17
You get these crystals automatically in the storyline. You cannot miss these.

Crystal #18-19
Both of these crystals can be found while progressing through the main storyline naturally. The 18th crystal is found at the start of the rail grind, whereas the 19th crystal is found in the rail grind after doing the two wall runs.

Crystal #20-21
To get both of these crystals, you’ll need to restart at the last checkpoint. During the rail grind portion of the area, you’ll reach a dead end, with three rails leading to it. Both the rails on the left and right have a crystal on them. You need to hit at least one of them to progress, however, you’ll miss one. You can restart at the checkpoint, and this time get the second one as well.

Crystal #22
This crystal collectible is found at the end of the rail grind. It is also collected automatically through the main storyline.

Crystal #23
The last crystal of the area is found on the drilling platform. You have to use it to get to the boss fight.

Blizar Prime Gold Bolts

Gold Bolt #1
When you get to the lava near the start of the map. Head left along a narrow path to get to the first Gold Bolt.

Gold Bolt #2
You’ll be able to spot this Gold Bolt on the missing chef objective. You can find the Gold Bolt in the low gravity dimension which you can swap between using the Blizon crystal nearby.

Gold Bolt #3
After striking a nearby Blizon crystal, navigate along the magnetized paths there to get to this Gold Bolt collectible.

RYNO Spybot

Only one Spybot collectible is available on this planet. This one is a reward for helping out Chef Tulio.


The CraiggerBear collectible on Blizar Prime can be found in the stuff lying to the left of the 4th Blizon Crystal. It’s very easy to find.

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