Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Armor Set Locations Guide

Who says you can’t look good while saving the multiverse? This Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Armor set locations guide will show you where to find each piece of armor and deal with the Nefarious forces in style.

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Armors

Armor sets in Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart customizes your characters. However, the upgrades are not just for aesthetics, but they also offer protection. An armor set in RnC Rift Apart comprises a helmet, a body piece, and boots. You have to collect all three to complete the set.

Below we’ve mentioned the locations from where you can piece together all eight armor sets by collecting their respective armor pods, most of which are in different Pocket Dimensions. For the rest, you’ll have to complete certain quests to unlock them.

Galactic Ranger Armor

Sourcing the Galactic Armor helmet is the easiest of all. Head to the Pocket Dimension on Sargasso and then use the Speedle to make your way to the armor.

To get the Ranger boots, you need to collect Zurpstones for Trudi on Sargasso. All Zurpstone locations can be seen on the map.

Finally, to obtain the Galactic Ranger body, head to the Pocket Dimension on Blizar Prime. Use the generators located at the edge of each path to lay down another path, leading you to the final armor pod to complete this armor set.

This armor will make the Nefarious enemies kind enough to give you 20% less damage.

Robot Pirate Armor

Completing the Welcome Party quest in the Battleplex will reward you with Robot Pirate boots. To complete the quest, you’ll have to defeat one wave of enemies, and that can easily be done by equipping the Enforcer.

The body of the set is located on a movable platform on Savali. You’ll find it to the east of Ms. Zurkon’s shop. Bring out your thrusters and chase the platform to obtain the Robot Pirate body.

To get the helmet armor pod, you’ll have to complete the pirate trials that take place on Ardolis. After completing the pirate trials, rotate the ratchet on the floor to reveal the helmet and then go grab it.

The complete set will protect you from the Pirate enemies as their attacks will give you 20% less damage.

Carbonox Advanced Armor

You’ll get the entire Carbonox Advanced armor once you complete the final challenge in the bronze, silver, and gold cups in Zurkie’s Arena. Wearing the armor will give you 20% more bolts.

Robot Disguise

The Robot Disguise helmet is in the Pocket Dimension near the market in Nefarious city. You’ll have to jump over the flying objects and fight a few enemies to make it to the helmet.

The armor pod containing the boots is located in a pocket dimension in a cave near Rivet’s Hideout. As soon as you enter the pocket dimension, you’ll find the boots right in front of you. The platforms leading you to your boots will explode only a few moments after you land on them. Therefore, be on your feet and move quickly.

Finally, for the torso head to the southwest corner of Sargasso and make your way to the Pocket Dimension. The platforms here will be a little out of your reach. Destroy the top boxes so you can jump onto the platforms.

Lombax Praetorian Armor

The search for boots will lead you to yet another Pocket Dimension. This armor pod is located in Savali, near the forest temple. To make it to the armor, do a ninja run over the walls marked with arrows.

Next, you’ll find the helmet in a pocket dimension on Torren IV. Cross the Chasm to enter the Pocket Dimension. Use Speedle to make it to the helmet.

The body of the armor is found in a pocket dimension on Viceron, near the VIP area. Use Speedle and your ability to run on the walls marked with blue arrows to make it to the last piece of the armor set.

This armor set will help you gather 20% more Raritanium.

Q-Force Armor Set

Q-Force helmet is found in a pocket dimension on the northeast of Zurkie. Enter the pocket dimension and make your way across the turning platforms by perfectly timing your jumps to access the helmet.

The boots for this armor set are located on Bilzar Prime. You’ll have to shoot two Blizon Crystals in the north to unveil the boots.

Lastly, to get to the torso, head to the southern wall of the VIP security wing on Viceron. Look for an open cell and you’ll find the last piece to complete your Q-Force Armor set.

Wearing this armor, you’ll take 20% less damage from Goons-4-Less.

Captain Starshield

Let’s begin by locating the helmet. To do so, head to the pocket dimension which is located at the southeastern cliffs on Savalli. Run along the walls to get to the helmet.

The Torso can be located once you’ve escaped the Rubion Forge. Enter the pocket dimension in the ruined lab. The pocket dimension will be visible after you strike Blizon Crystal. Once you’re inside the pocket dimension, inflate the emergency ramps by shooting at them. Use these ramps to make it to the Torso of the armor.

Finally, the boots are located in the pocket dimension on Ardolis. The pocket dimension itself is located on the beach. Use the objects floating in the air to swing your way right into the boots.

This complete armor set helps you gain 20% more XP.

Wasteland Armor Set

The complete armor set will be unlocked once you’ve collected all 12 Lombax Lore Orbs. You’ll find them in the Shrines around Sivali. This armor set will make the indigenous creatures 20% less harmful for you.

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