Rapper Soulja Boy Is Buying Cheap Consoles From Aliexpress In Bulk And Selling Them As His Own

Rapper “Soulja Boy” released his gaming console, an emulator that steals intellectual property from Nintendo, Sony and SEGA. The machine runs Nintendo and SEGA Roms, resembles an Xbox One X, and its controller button layout is identical to PlayStation.

He has been selling his machine and calling it his “dream.” However, his dream is a cheaply built emulator that he buys in bulk from Ali Express and resells it for $150. At the time of this writing, Ali Express is selling this clone it $79.49 down from $105.99. Its official description on the website reads: “2018 HD Video Game Console 64 Bit Support 4K HDMI Output Retro 800 Classic Family Retro Video Games To TV with 32G TF Card X PRO.”

It seems what Soulja Boy is doing is buying this emulator in bulk, repacking it and selling it as his own.

Sony, Microsoft, SEGA, and Nintendo all have grounds to sue Soulja Boy for millions over copyright infringement. He is not only stealing patented designs but also video games created by Nintendo and SEGA.

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