Raphael Colantonio, Founder And President of Arkane, Leaves Studio

Raphael Colantonio, the founder and president of Arkane Studios, has announced his departure from the company after over 18 years of work. Arkane is responsible for the Dishonored games, along with reimagining of Prey and other games such as Arx Fatalis. Colantonio first founded Arkane in 1999, and Arkane released Dishonored in 2012.

Arkane joined ZeniMax Media (the parent company of Bethesda) in 2010, and that gave the studio the impetus it needed to break away from contract work (such as Arx Fatalis and working on Bioshock 2) and instead be able to make its own original property in the form of Dishonored.

Since Dishonored signified Arkane’s big break into the spotlight, the studio has grown from its humble beginnings. It has one studio in Lyon, France, and another in Austin, Texas, which was possible through its good sales of Dishonored. Since then it has released a sequel, Dishonored 2, along with Prey, a reimagining of the original Prey game.

Raphael Colantonio will be staying on for as long as possible to smooth the transition from himself as president of Arkane to a new team in Lyon. Colantonio’s friend Harvey Smith will remain in the management role at the game’s Austin studio.

Colantonio says that his reason for leaving is mainly to spend more time with his son and go over what he believes is important to him and his future. Considering other gaming presidents have left their companies in the last few months in favor of spending time with families, Raphael likely has all the money he needs if he decides to retire completely.

We wish Raphael Colantonio all the best in his efforts, and hope that in the future Arkane can remain the great company and developing studio that it’s become under his leadership. Though currently Arkane doesn’t seem to have anything planned, hopefully the next game they reveal will be just as good as their last three.