Borderlands 3’s Randy Pitchford Tells Complaining Customers To “Fuck Off”

Randy Pitchford is attacking Borderlands 3 fans who are complaining about the Epic Games Store exclusivity deal.

Randy Pitchford had a meltdown on Twitter recently when a fan complained about Borderlands 3’s Epic Store exclusively. Randy Pitchford told the fan to “fuck off” in reply to a Tweet the consumer made about the recent review bombing on Steam.

Randy supported 2K’s decision to release Borderlands 3 exclusively on Epic Games Store. He attacked Steam’s inability and lack of interest in fixing the review bombing issues. However, the attack seems pointless since Steam released an update weeks ago to handle the situation. Borderlands 1 and 2 reviews have been fixed after swift action from Steam.

However, that didn’t stop Randy from using this opportunity to try to justify the Epic deal.

The community members reacted to the Tweet and gave Randy a piece of their minds. Many explained to Randy how Steam has fixed the problem and how Epic Games Store lacks basic user-friendly features.

Randy Pitchford claims 2K made the decision to make Epic Games Store the exclusive distributor of Borderlands 3. There are rumors that developers themselves are against the decision but since Gearbox reportedly stopped Borderlands 3 developers to discuss this on Twitter, we won’t know the real story.

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