Rainbow Six Siege Year 3 Brings Co-Op Zombie Mode Called “Mission Outbreak”

Year Three promises to bring more to the table than just new operators, multiplayer maps, and various improvements for Rainbow Six Siege.

Operation Chimera, the first season, will introduce a new three-player cooperative mode called “Mission Outbreak” that should surprise the community. While Ubisoft is refraining to give away details, the theme clearly suggests a traditional zombie setting or at least something related to bio-hazardous enemies.

Unfortunately, the mode will be part of a special timed event that will last for four weeks. There is the possibility that the developer might extend the deadline if there is an overwhelming demand from players, but it does not seem like the mode will end up as a permanent addition to the game.

Ubisoft previously stated that it is difficult to release new game modes for Rainbow Six Siege that do not change the core experience from the signature five-versus-five tactical gameplay. The developer is perhaps testing the waters by starting with timed events.

More details about Operation Chimera and the new cooperative mode will be shared in early February when the Six Invitational hosts its second iteration.

Operation White Noise is scheduled to arrive next month and will conclude Year Two for Rainbow Six Siege. It will introduce three new operators, two from South Korea and one from the remaining lineup of Poland, a new map set in an observation tower, and plenty of new cosmetic upgrades.

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