Rainbow Six Siege Teases Thermal Scope for Glaz

Ubisoft is adding thermal imaging to the arsenal of Rainbow Six Siege, making sure that players can no longer hide in the shadows.

Earlier today, the official social media accounts of Rainbow Six Siege began teasing a thermal scope. While it is possible that the new gadget could be used by other operators, the character featured in the teaser was Glaz.

It should be noted that thermal sights were proposed by the passionate community a while back. It seems like Ubisoft is finally acting on the feedback.

As showcased in the clip, a designated area in the sight makes targets appear more prominent by highlighting them in bright yellow. On the subject of accurate portrayal of military grade hardware, thermal sights don’t really pimp up specific targets like so. Nonetheless, Rainbow Six Siege just made it easier to clearly see foes in darkened corners of a map.

Ubisoft is yet to confirm when the new gadget will be released for the game. Rainbow Six Siege is due for a major update later this month as part of the mid-season reinforcements for the Velvet Shell expansion pack. The new thermal scopes are likely part of that update.

On that note, past mid-season updates have brought major changes to operators. It is possible that we’re looking at one improvement inbound for Glaz.

Last month, Ubisoft confirmed that Rainbow Six Siege boasts over 13 million registered players across all platforms. At least 4 million players play the game at least once every week.

The game is currently into its Year-Two, with the new season pass available for purchase. Similar to last year, Rainbow Six Siege will receive four expansion packs this year that will be themed around four different countries.

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