Rainbow Six Siege Season Two Datamined; New Operators, Weapons, and Gadgets

While Ubisoft prepares to make an official announcement for Rainbow Six Siege Season Two, data miners have gone ahead to unearth the upcoming content.

Provided that the information is accurate, “Caltrop” and “Dazzler” are the names of the two new operators who will be reporting for duty next month.

Their accompanying file names suggest that Caltrop will have the ability to deploy both explosive and toxic mines. Dazzler, on the other hand, is a name based on the real-life non-lethal weapon that uses radiation to cause temporary blindness to its targets.

One of the two new operators will be wielding the QBZ-95, a Chinese automatic rifle that functions similar to the Bullpup. It has the capability to house a 30-round magazine, which can be swapped for an 80-round drum for suppression. In addition, the new Rainbow Six Siege Season Two will add the JS9, a suppressed submachine gun (SMG) that also houses a 30-round magazine.

Digging deeper, data miners also discovered more cosmetic items heading to the game with the next season. The following file names should not be taken as the final names of the upcoming items, which might possibly be changed when they go live.

  • Capitao Elite Skin
  • Mute Reptile Bundle
  • Tachanka Ballistic Salvation Headgear
  • Tachanka Swarm Headgear
  • Valkyrie Pro League Charm

According to the game’s Year Two roadmap, Rainbow Six Siege Season Two is scheduled to commence from May. Hence, Ubisoft should make an official announcement in the coming weeks. That being said, the recent datamined content could force the developer to unveil the content sooner.

This week, the Technical Test Server (TTS) was updated to introduce a number of new features that finally address long-standing requests made by players since the game released over a year ago. This includes a new matchmaking system, shorter queues, better navigational menus, improved hit-boxes for all operators, and more.

We expect the TTS to receive another update in the following days, which will bring the Hong Kong-themed DLC for testing.

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