Rainbow Six Siege Season 3 Comes With A Sealed-Off City, “Operation Chimera”, Outbreak Event

Rainbow Six Siege Season 3 is going to be coming soon, and players will be fighting something a great deal more sinister and dangerous than simple terrorists, as hard as that is to believe. Players will be traveling to the small town of “Truth And Consequences” to deal with an…”infestation”.

It’s been heavily implied for a while now that the Outbreak event has had something to do with zombies, due to various promotional images showing warning signs that talk about biohazards. Players will be able to combat this biohazard outbreak with a pair of new operatives that specialize in biological warfare, making them a good choice for dealing with this sort of thing.

As they do the Outbreak Event, players will be split into three-man teams that will attempt to stop the infestation before it spreads outside of the quarantine. While doing so, they will encounter creatures of all sorts, ranging from run of the mill zombies, to armored ones that attempt to get into melee range, to exploding zombies as well.

Rainbow Six Siege veterans might be used to these sorts of “classes” before, as they’ve undoubtedly fought heavily armored terrorists and suicide bombers, but hopefully Ubisoft has switched things up enough to make the event a challenge even to people who’ve been playing the game since its release.

While Operation Chimera is likely going to be more of the same anti-terrorism shooting gameplay, Rainbow Six Siege Season 3 will likely be throwing a curveball into many people’s directions by putting zombies (or whatever the Outbreak event is about) into the mix. Either way, we’ll have to wait and see what it actually turns out to be.

Rainbow Six Siege Season 3 will be coming out in test servers on February 19 on the PC, and will be coming out for all platforms on March 6. The Outbreak Event will last until April 3.