New Rainbow Six Siege Reverse Friendly Fire Launched By Ubisoft, Watch Your Fire

If you’re prone to team-killing in Rainbow Six Siege, whether accidentally or deliberately, Ubisoft has come up with a good way to make you watch your fire in the future. A new Rainbow Six Siege reverse friendly fire mechanic has been launched, putting you at just as much risk as your “target”.

In a game as hectic as Siege, with enemies possibly around every corner and where coordination is key, team-killing is bound to happen in some form or another. However, Ubisoft has decided to start getting Pavlovian to put a stop to it.

According to a Ubisoft devlog post, the Rainbow Six Siege reverse friendly fire mechanic is a mechanic that will end up hurting you as well if you end up shooting a teammate. The mechanic has been tested in test servers for the past few months, and now seems finally ready to roll.

There are two ways that the mechanic can activate. Firstly, if you end up killing a teammate by shooting them, they have the option to turn on the reverse friendly fire mechanic themselves. It will last until the rest of the match too, posing a constant risk.

While that version relies on how merciful your teammates are feeling during the match, the second variant doesn’t take their feelings into account. If you repeatedly shoot or injure your teammates enough, even if you fail to kill them, the Rainbow Six Siege reverse friendly fire mechanic will trigger regardless.

While there are ways around the reverse friendly fire mechanic, such as using various explosives that will still injure your teammates, you won’t be able to use this loophole for long. Ubisoft says that an update that will fix that is coming up next.

So, if you make a habit out of gunning down your teammates in Rainbow Six Siege, whether by accident or deliberately, you might want to practice checking your fire before you run afoul of the Rainbow Six Siege reverse friendly fire mechanic.