Rainbow Six Siege Patch Fixes Multiple Bugs, But Audio Glitch Remains

A newly-released Rainbow Six Siege patch fixes many bugs, but a big audio glitch remains unaddressed by Ubisoft.

A new Rainbow Six Siege patch has come out today, fixing a large number of various bugs. However, the patch hasn’t addressed what many players say is the biggest issue, an audio reverse glitch that is apparently making the game quite difficult to play for most people, including career Siege players.

The glitch in question inverts audio, causing sounds from the left to come out of the right speaker and vice-versa. In a game where situational awareness and quick reaction times are paramount, turning the wrong way when you hear a sound can be the difference between life and death.

The entire patch goes through a large variety of different categories as well, ranging from gadgets to operators to the map Chalet, that have had difficulties in the past. Of course, all of that can’t really help if the big audio glitch is still allowed in the game.

While the Rainbow Six Siege patch does fix several sound effect bugs, including mismatched sound effects when you pick up a hard breach charge gadget, and other missing sounds when in support mode after dying, but the reversed audio remains an issue.

Hopefully, Ubisoft will notice the issue and put out a hotfix to take care of it, instead of waiting for the next big patch to fix something that can ruin the game for people that start to suffer the bug. But, in the meantime, the fixes, which include tweaks Zero, Clash, Iana, and Nokk, can still be accessed if you’ve been hoping for changes in their playstyles.

If you don’t have that audio glitch, you can download the Rainbow Six Siege patch now to see all of the different changes and fixes that Ubisoft put in it. Otherwise, all you can do is keep reporting the glitch to Ubisoft and hope they get around to fixing it quickly. You can see the full patch notes here.

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