Rainbow Six Siege Adds Penalty For Mouse And Keyboard Users On Console

If you are using Mouse and Keyboard on consoles for Rainbow Six Siege, Ubisoft has come up with a way to balance things.

It’s no secret by this point that many PC Gamers prefer playing shooters on mouse and keyboard because it allows for greater precision and reaction time. However, if you do this on consoles, the Rainbow Six Siege team has come up with a counter to make things more balanced for everyone.

The mechanic, called “Mouse Trap”, will increase latency on players who are detected to be using mouse and keyboards on consoles. Mouse Trap is intended to make it more balanced for players who play on actual controllers on console, as dealing with the greater speed and precision can make matches unfair.

Players who do use mouse and keyboard on consoles are able to accomplish this by making use of external “input spoofing devices”, allowing them to make their consoles think that they’re using a controller on consoles instead of a mouse and keyboard.

Rainbow Six Siege is a first-person shooter game that relies heavily on twitch-shooting and speed when it comes to firing at enemies. With the floors, ceilings, and walls of the game’s arenas being not only penetrable by bullets, but also destructible, situational awareness and speed on the trigger finger is key.

With the greater speed and precision that a mouse and keyboard would allow players over a controller, it stands to reason that players who use these to control their characters on consoles would have an unfair advantage over players who use the normal controller layout. Players have asked Ubisoft to ban these, but unfortunately it’s impossible to identify.

This isn’t the first time Mouse Trap has gone into action, either. According to the statement from Ubisoft, Mouse Trap has actually been running in “shadow mode” for several multiplayer seasons by this point before its public unveiling. This was done to allow the developers to see what sort of things players who use mouse and keyboard on consoles were spoofing.

Hopefully this change can even up online multiplayer, especially in a heavily competitive game like Siege.

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