Rainbow Six Siege Gets New Blackbeard Elite Skin Next Week

The rifle-shield boasting Blackbeard is the next operator in Rainbow Six Siege to be getting a unique Elite Skin to his wardrobe of customization.

An announcement from yesterday teases the new fatigues of the medium-armored attacking operator. Blackbeard retains his signature eye-wear, but has donned tattered jeans to take on the menace of terrorizing opponents. He is covered in belts of ammunition, with additional bullets strapped to his camouflaged helmet alongside the ace of spades card. Interested players can preview the operator’s new victory animation below.

As the caption states, the new Blackbeard Elite Skin will be available for purchase in Rainbow Six Siege on June 13. Recalling the pricing of previously released high-tier skins in the game, the new offering should go for 1,800 R6 Credits (real-world money) or 1,620 R6 Credits for owners of the year-two season pass.

Elite Skins were recently announced for Rainbow Six Siege and cannot be purchased with Renown (in-game currency). It is part of a new micro-transaction model from Ubisoft that sees the developer pumping for customization wares for players. This includes new headgear, and entire uniforms. Elite Skins are similar to the latter but with greater quality. Each bundles a unique uniform and matching headgear, an operator card, a charm, a special operator name, and a unique signature victory animation.

Despite what each Elite Skin might portray, there are no gameplay benefits to be found. The changes are strictly for customization purposes. Blackbeard, for example, will not get additional ammunition even if he is strapped from head to toe with bullets.

Rainbow Six Siege recently received its first patch for the ongoing Operation Health initiative. It introduced the much-awaited rework for hit-boxes, changes to several maps to curb the problem of spawn-killing, and balance updates to several operators.

Update 2.2.1 is currently available only on PC and should arrive for consoles soon.

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