Rainbow Six Siege Will Render At 1728p on Xbox One X And 1440p on PS4 Pro

Rainbow Six Siege is one of the most popular competitive games out there and Ubisoft has been supporting the game with new content and updates. The game will soon be getting PS4 Pro and Xbox One X enhancements and Ubisoft has revealed the resolutions at which the game will render on these upgraded consoles.

The developers have confirmed that Rainbow Six Siege will render at 1728p on the Xbox One X while the PS4 Pro will render the game at 1440p. Not only that, the developers are also trying to perfect the dynamic scaling for the game.

For those who don’t know, dynamic scaling automatically drops the game’s resolution in complex scenarios to maintain the game’s FPS.

In related news, the Battle Royale Mode has been very popular among players following the launch on PUBG and Fortnite and this game mode has started to appear in many games and many were expecting that Rainbow Sx Siege would also feature it.

However, according to a report, Rainbow Six Siege will not be getting A battle royale mode. The report suggests that the reason why the game won’t feature battle royale mode is that the devs would have to remove a number of game modes in the game to make room for the battle royale mode.

Furthermore, the game is a multiplayer only title and according to Game Director Xavier Marquis, single-player campaign can “never” happen for the game.

He added that the development team wants to focus on the multiplayer but, also wants to explore the universe of Rainbow Six “by different means”. He added that the studio thinking about “videos and maybe comics” to explore the game’s universe.

Rainbow Six Siege is a tactical first-person shooter developed by Ubisoft for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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