Rainbow Six Siege Reacts To Crossplay Reports

The recently enabled crossplay feature for Fortnite on PS4 has opened up possibilities. In regards to this step taken by Sony, fans have started to wonder if other titles would get crossplay too. Rainbow Six Siege has been one of those games and they have responded to the possibility of such a setting.

The following of the first-person shooter game is quite huge in the gaming community. Fans of the game had started to wonder if the cross-platform play will be coming to their favorite game. A recent tweet by the authorities has laid forward their take on any chances of fans dreams coming true.

One fan on Twitter decided to ask the official Rainbow Six Siege account the question. The reply came with the tweet saying:

“There are no plans for crossplay at this time, but we are always open to improving the Rainbow experience.”

Looks like Ubisoft is not saying no to including this feature in the times coming ahead. Meanwhile, games like Rocket League are ready to ride on the crossplay ship but it would take time for now.

Microsoft would also love to see a Minecraft crossplay between Xbox and PS4. In this regard, Black Ops 4 needs time to adjust to crossplay as well.

Furthermore, Bethesda is not even considering to bring this feature to Fallout 76. Although the next-gen consoles will already have this feature enabled from the start. Rainbow Six Siege has also shown promise with their reaction to the news of cross-platform play.

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