Ubisoft Unveils Rainbow Six Siege PvE Spin-off, Rainbow Six Extraction

Releasing on 16th September 2021, Rainbow Six Extraction is relatively different from the previous Rainbow Six installments as revealed during the first gameplay look at Ubisoft Forward. During the E3 2021 Ubisoft Forward Conference, Richard Stanford; the community developer at Ubisoft had an interview with Bruno Lalonde, the Lead technical Director and Alicia Fortier, Game designer in Montreal regarding the introduction of Rainbow Six Extraction.

Rainbow Six Extraction is a 1-3 player co-op experience, however, this time the franchise comes with a twist. In Extraction, you won’t be fighting against each other but will be fighting with each other to go up against the evil alien species roaming around the map.

Most of the Operator’s abilities, Gadgets along with their tech may be familiar to the Rainbow Six Siege players, however, you’ll get access to newer abilities as you progress into the game.

When playing R6 Extraction, you’re at the edge of the cliff throughout your gameplay. If your allies somehow are left behind during an invasion mission in Rainbow Six Extraction, then you along with your teammates must go back to rescue them. We saw a glimpse of it in the trailer as we saw Hibana being captured as her teammates were rescuing her from the alien species.

Archaenes are evolved from the Parasite first introduced during the Outbreak event of Rainbow Six Siege. Going back in time where the Parasite were only spread in New Mexico, times have changed and now they’ve spread across three different regions namely: New York, San Francisco and Alaska.

These aliens belong inside containment zones and are continuously being evolved and are capable of taking over several areas on the map. As of now, there are 6 types or tiers of Parasites you’ll face with the likes of the Goo-like Sprawl resembling venom symbiotes, the Long-Ranged Spiker, Explosive Breacher, Shape-Shifting Tormentors and the Apex.

This is what the developers discussed regarding the In-game features of Rainbow Six Extraction during the E3 2021 Ubisoft conference. With the release only 3 months away, Ubisoft is sure to speed up with more info and hopefully playable betas of the game to garner more hype, especially since this co-op experience is priced as a full $60 AAA title.

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