Rainbow Six Extraction Best Operators Tier List

If you’re looking to figure out which Operators are the best in Rainbow Six Extraction and what exactly makes them so great, we’ve got you covered with our Operator Tier List, where we’ll be ranking down all the Operators in Rainbow Six Extraction from best to worst.

Rainbow Six Extraction Best Operators Tier List

As of right now, there are 18 unique Operators for players to choose from when playing Rainbow Six Extraction. Each Operator in the game comes with their own unique gadgets and loadout options that differentiate them from the rest.

The Operators are mostly well-balanced, so aside from a few, there aren’t necessarily many Operators that are completely overpowered or Operators that are useless, but there are undoubtedly some Operators that shine above the rest.

To help you out with choosing the best Operators in Rainbow Six Extraction, the tier list below ranks down all the Operators in R6 Extraction from best to worst.

S-Tier Operators in R6 Extraction

The Operators in this tier are the crème de la crème of Operators in R6 Extraction. If you want to use the absolute best Operators, then these are the ones you should go for.


In the current state of the game, Finka is arguably the most useful Operator to have on your team. Finka’s Adrenal Surge ability, which allows her to instantly revive any teammate that’s DBNO (Down But Not Out), is a priceless utility to have with you.

Coupled with that, she starts the game off with a powerful assault rifle, meaning she also brings firepower along with her healing. And once you get her to a higher level, her Adrenal Surge not only heals/revives teammates, it also boosts their stats, practically turning them into super-soldiers.

This makes Finka an extremely useful Operator to have on your team and easily an S-tier Operator in Rainbow Six Extraction.


Alibi comes with some of the most impressive utility in the game. Her role isn’t that of a healer, but she does a better job at keeping her teammates alive than a healer ever could.

Alibi’s PRISMA decoys are one of the most important gadgets you can have in R6 Extraction. These indestructible clones can be used to distract Archaeans for however long you want.

This mechanic will come in extremely handy when you need to revive a teammate as you won’t have to worry about Archaeans piling upon you as you’re trying to help your ally.

And on top of that, Alibi has a powerful SMG, the Mx4 Storm, as her base weapon. This means that she won’t just be on your team for utility; she will also be able to make quick work of Archaeans with her weaponry.


When it comes to stealth in Rainbow Six Extraction, no one comes even close to Vigil. Vigil’s Electronic Rendering Cloak allows him to vanish into thin air, allowing you to easily sneak past Archaeans and complete objectives.

And once you level him up, he can use the cloak on his entire team at once. So if you’re the kind of player whose playstyle revolves around stealth, Vigil is the Operator you should go for.

A-Tier Operators in R6 Extraction

The Operators in this tier are very powerful and useful, but they’re slightly worse than those in the S-tier. If the S-Tier Operators are unavailable, then these Operators are the ones you should go for.


Our first entry in the A-tier is the all-seeing Lion. Lion’s EE-ONE-D drone allows you to easily track the positions of Archaeans, which helps you figure out your plan of attack with ease.

In a game like Rainbow Six Extraction, having such a utility available is incredibly useful as it’ll stop you from going the wrong way and getting ambushed by Archaeans.

For his base weapon, Lion has the V308 assault rifle, which is arguably one of the best base weapons in the game. This makes Lion an absolute powerhouse.

Lion only narrowly misses an S-tier spot due to the fact that despite his drone being very useful, the utility of the Operators in S-tier is still more impressive and versatile.


Hibana is one of the most powerful Operators in Rainbow Six Extraction. Her X-KAIROS grenade launcher can not only blow up all kinds of barricades in the game but it can also be used to take down tanky Archaeans.

And once you get her up to level 10, her grenade launcher will get the ability to recover ammo automatically, allowing you to use it without ever having to worry about running out of ammo.

Though Hibana lacks utility, her raw firepower easily cements her spot as an A-tier Operator.


When it comes to healers in Rainbow Six Extraction, Finka is the best one in the game, but Doc isn’t too far behind.

Doc can also heal his teammates and revive them when they’re DBNO. However, what puts Doc behind Finka is that he has a limited amount of Health Shots, so you have to use them very carefully.

And just like Finka, Doc brings some sweet weaponry with him. He has an SG-CQB pump-action shotgun as his base weapon, which adds some serious firepower to the team. But if you don’t like getting up close and personal with Archaeans, you can also unlock the MP5 and P90.


When it comes to getting map control in Rainbow Six Extraction, Jäger is one of the best there is. His Magpie Automated Defense System allows him to place turrets on walls that can not only attack Archaeans but also deflect incoming projectiles.

The only downside is that they only start off with three rounds. However, once you get him to level 10, this will go up to eight rounds.

Jäger also has an impressive loadout. His M870 pump-action shotgun has the highest range of any shotgun in the game, which makes it perfect for players who like using shotguns but don’t want to get too close to Archaeans.


If you need someone to watch your back in Rainbow Six Extraction, Gridlock is the Operator you should add to your team.

Gridlock’s traps are a very useful and versatile piece of utility that can serve you well in all kinds of situations. Having Gridlock on your team means you’ll never have to worry about getting flanked or sneaked up on by cloaked Archaeans.

The only downside of Gridlock is that she’s not self-sufficient. She needs to have her teammates capitalize on her traps for them to serve an impact on the battlefield. This is why she doesn’t get a spot on the S-tier.


As you’ve probably guessed by his name, Smoke’s specialty is his Smoke Gas Grenades that he can detonate at whenever he wants, from wherever he wants.

Not only do these smoke grenades block off the vision of Archaeans, but they also deal great damage to them.

These smokes have very versatile mechanics, which allows them to synergize well with pretty much every utility in the game. This makes Smoke an A-Tier Operator.

B-tier Operators in R6 Extraction

The Operators chosen for this tier are middle-of-the-road Operators that don’t really excel in any aspect of the game. Instead, they’re decent enough to perform well enough in most situations, but they’re nothing special.


Fuze’s gadgets and loadout are designed for a very aggressive playstyle. He can mount his APM-6 Cluster Charges on walls and blow Archaeans to smithereens. And with his 6P41 light machine gun, he can deliver some great damage.

The reason Fuze is in B-tier is the fact that he practically has no unique utility that makes him stand out. Though his Cluster Charges are very powerful, they’re absolutely nothing special.

That said, if you prefer playing with an aggressive playstyle and want to get the job done as quickly as possible, Fuze might be a worthy addition to your team.


Tachanka spawns into the game with a mounted DP-28 LMG that can protect an entire area with a whopping 200 rounds of ammo.

This makes Tachanka seem very powerful at first, but this illusion fades once you realize this is the only situation where he’ll be of any use.

A match in Rainbow Six Extraction will take place over several different areas, so the fact that Tachanka’s gadget can only cover a single area makes him very one-dimensional.

Once you level him up, he’ll be able to use multiple LMGs, but this still doesn’t make him good enough to be placed higher than B-tier.


Ela is another Operator whose kit is purely focused on delivering as much damage to Archaeans as possible. She has GRZMOT mines that can be used to stun and damage enemies, but they have a major flaw.

Ela can only throw her mines over a small distance. This reduces their impact heavily and makes them very impractical in certain situations. Due to this, Ela cannot be placed higher than B-tier.


Rook has the ability to give his allies a pack of armor plates that increase their damage resistance and prevent them from getting knocked down while they have them on.

On the surface, this seems like a great utility to have. However, once you realize that you can get armor packs by default if you choose Body Armor as a React Tech option for your loadout, Rook becomes quite an unessential Operator.

That said, if you’re a new player and are in need of extra protection, Rook is still a decent Operator to have on your team. This is the main reason why he’s not placed lower than B-tier on this list.


Pulse is another Operator that helps you take map control by increasing your overall visibility of the map and hostiles in it. He does this using his HB-7 Cardiac Sensor, which can look through obstacles to uncover MIAs, VIPs, and even Archaean nests.

However, in a game where you already have an Operator like Lion, Pulse just seems redundant. Though he has a decent kit and can be quite useful, Pulse is inferior to Lion in every aspect, which makes him B-tier Operator.

C-tier Operators in R6 Extraction

In this tier, the Operators are almost completely redundant. Though they do offer decent gadgets, there are much better Operators to choose from in R6 Extraction.


Capitão is another Operator that’s designed to be stealthy but in a unique way. Capitão comes with a handheld crossbow that can take out Archaeans without making noise.

He can fire two kinds of bolts from his crossbow: Smokescreen Bolts and Venom Bolts. This seems like a decent kit on paper, but it has a lot of problems.

For starters, you need to actually hit an enemy for the bolt to actually do what it’s supposed to. If you miss your shot, not only does the bolt not do anything, you’re also not getting it back unless you find an Ability Recharge crate.

This makes his crossbow very impractical and almost useless in most circumstances, especially considering the fact that you can just equip Smoke and/or a Stun grenade in your kit. This major flaw of Capitão makes him a C-tier Operator.


IQ is an info-gathering Operator that has some nifty gadgets up her sleeve. She can use her R.E.D Spectre Electronics Detector to look through walls and reveal React Equipment. And once you get her to level ten, she can even detect cloaked enemies and environmental hazards.

This makes IQ’s ranking seem odd at first, but it makes sense once you realize that her abilities have a painfully small range, and she can only use them while she has her secondary weapon equipped, leaving her defenseless to attacks.

Furthermore, she is outshined by Pulse, who has a much superior kit. So if you want an Operator on your team for recon, IQ just isn’t the one you should go for.

D-tier Operators in R6 Extraction

Finally, the Operators in D-tier are the ones that have absolutely nothing going for them. In the current state of Rainbow Six Extraction, there is no point in using the Operators listed below.


Sledge is a unique Operator. In a game where you have Operators that have drones, turrets, mines, decoys, Sledge comes equipped with… a sledgehammer.

Sledge can use his hammer to destroy walls and stun Archaeans by hitting them in the face. And once he reaches level 10, he can supercharge his hammer to deal more damage and stun bigger enemies.

Not much can be said about Sledge other than the fact that his kit is completely useless in Rainbow Six Extraction. He is no doubt a D-tier Operator.


Nomad comes with Airjab repulsion grenades that explode when Archaeans get close to them, knocking them back.

What makes her completely underpowered and inessential is the fact that her kit does the exact same thing as a React Tech Impact Grenade. So because of that, there is no point in having her in your team when you could just equip an Impact Grenade.

This lack of unique utility makes Nomad a D-tier Operator that serves no real purpose in the current state of the game.