Rainbow Six Extraction Mutations Guide

Mutations are a mechanic you’ll have to have a good understanding of in Rainbow Six Extraction. The Archaeans become more challenging as a result of the mutations, so you’ll need to know them to adapt to them. In this Rainbow Six Extraction guide, we have listed down and explained all the mutations in R6 Extraction.

Rainbow Six Extraction Mutations

Mutations in Rainbow Six Extraction are essentially modifiers that give the Archaeans a serious power boost depending on the mutation. You’ll mostly encounter these Mutations when playing R6 Extraction at higher difficulty levels

Below is a list of all the mutations in R6 Extraction:

Armored Nests Mutation

Archan Nests with an extra-resilient outer shell are the first mutation you and your team will notice in the confinement zone.

A dried goo-carapace protects these Armored Nests, making them exceedingly resistant to ballistic damage. Even though you can still use firearms and ammunition to destroy the Nests, it will take longer.

Blinding Spore Carriers Mutation

The little yellow bulbs that can be seen scattered throughout the maps are known as Blinding Spores. When you walk near them, they connect to you and burst, blinding you for a brief time.

Some Archaeans have developed Blinding Spores as a result of the Blinding Spore Carriers Mutation. When you use the Blinding Spores to kill an adversary, the spores will attach to you and blind you as normal.

Chimera Fog Mutation

The Chimera Fog Mutation in R6 Extraction covers the whole map in a dense fog, making it difficult to detect enemies and land headshots. You should also bring a recon operator with you to help you detect targets.

Caustic Sprawl Mutation

Caustic Sprawl colonies are another mutation to be aware of. Unlike typical Sprawl, they exude a combination of very corrosive chemicals that not only slow down an Operator’s movement but also injure anybody who comes into touch with the Sprawl every 3 seconds.

Caustic Sprawl should not be handled for long periods of time. Keep an eye out for Archans who leave a Sprawl trail, since they will be afflicted by the mutation as well.

Fortunately, Caustic Sprawl can be destroyed in the same manner as conventional Sprawl can, therefore we recommend clearing a path before dealing with any other dangers.

Cloaked Archaeans Mutation

Lurkers are one of the most irritating enemies in R6 Extraction. They have the ability to become invisible, as well as their friends. Because of the Cloaked Archaeans Mutation, some opponents are inherently invisible. Lurkers are no longer required.

Sprawl Overflow Mutation

On whatever difficulty setting, sprawl is a small inconvenience that you will have to cope with. It spreads like a virus throughout the map, slowing you down if you walk across it.

The Sprawl Overflow Mutation causes the Archaeans to leave Sprawl tracks everywhere they go. This implies that until you figure out a solution to cope with all of the Sprawl, you’ll be moving significantly slower throughout the region.

Spontaneous Sludge Mutation

Dealing with sludge is a headache. It does damage if you step on it, and it can be a pain to deal with when fighting Archaeans.

When the Archaeans are destroyed, the Spontaneous Sludge Mutation causes them to generate sludge in a certain region. We don’t believe takedowns will help either.

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