Rainbow Six Extraction Mission Types Guide

Rainbow Six Extraction consists of a set of missions to complete. These missions are randomized in order and are quite difficult to complete. This guide walks you through all the details of different Rainbow Six Extraction Mission Types.

Rainbow Six Extraction Mission Types

There are a total of 13 mission types in Rainbow Six Extraction with each having its own unique set of objectives to complete and rewards to receive at the end. Below we’ve given detailed information on all main missions in Rainbow Six Extraction.

Biopsy Mission Type

Biopsy is the first extraction mission you’ll take part in. During Biopsy, you must assassinate a few Archaeans with the help of stealth takedown.

To do this, you shall proceed to stab them from behind via sneaking or simply by throwing a stun grenade to divert their focus from you.

Keep in mind that these enemies should only be killed for a purpose as killing them without any means will end up resulting in a failed mission.

Sabotage Mission Type

During this mission, you’re assigned a task to blow up two consecutive Alien plants. The mission is really simple, simply head to the Alien structures.

They are located close to each other, and successfully plant the bombs (you can pick them up from a given marker).

As for the aftermath, you’ll get jumped by a wave of Archæan as soon as the timer starts its count down. In summary, you must barricade each wall that looks weak, stay on guard for an attack until the timer hits the zero count.

Nest Tracking Mission Type

Nest Tracking will be the hardest challenge for you so far. During this mission, you’re supposed to plant trackers on different nests scattered around the area.

However, this comes with a twist as only unagitated nests are your main focus which then triggers a spawn sequence of Archaeans.

Keep in mind that, killing too many enemies than expected will also result in a failure of the mission. Therefore, be careful and use REACT devices to pinpoint the enemies.

Specimen Mission Type

Unlike the other missions, Specimen is quite different. For this mission, you must set up a trap at the extraction zone and attract a wave of Archaeans into it while making sure other Archaeans don’t interrupt the process.

Once the enemies are at the zone, activate the trap with the glowing panel to end the mission. This is a type of mission that can’t be completed during your first try as it requires a proper plan for its success.

Triangulation Mission Type

A timer mission to say the least. During Triangulation, you’re assigned a task to activate three laptops situated at different points in the area.

It’s all fun and games until the timer starts after each activation, giving you minimum time to activate the next laptop while taking care of the roaming Archaeans as well during the process.

The best strategy to complete this mission is by finding all laptops first then proceeding to activate them as this will consume a minimum amount of time and you’ll be done with the mission in no time.

Hunt Mission Type

By the name itself, it’s easy to understand what your assignment is during this mission.

Simply hunt down Archaeans and brutally assassinate them while making sure other Archaeans don’t get involved in the process and also take out as many Nests in the way as well just for security purposes.

Taking out the grunts will add an Elite into the mix. Use Stun grenades for stealth kill and kill all of them to complete the mission.

Serial Scan Mission Type

A defensive mission where you’re assigned a task to activate a scanner in the area which reveals a new platform for you to stand on. During the process, you must cover yourself with walls barricades, and traps for extra protection.

During the scan, take out any enemy that comes into your territory. Once the scan is complete, defend two more areas to complete the mission.

Shutdown Mission Type

Probably one of the most frustrating missions out of all. During Shutdown, your task is to carry three bombs to the Archaean tower which is interlinked with several nests.

The mission is hard due to the fact that the bombs you carry can blow up anytime from your starting point to even before getting planted in case an enemy gets a hold onto it.

Secondly, the tower is linked with multiple nests which means you’ll get attacked by several waves of spawning enemies while on your way.

Rescue Mission Type

Not as easy as it sounds. The Rescue mission in Rainbow Six Extraction is just like any other Rescue mission in any shooter game.

Take out enemies, save the hostage and complete the mission. However, the hostage is surrounded by enemies that will kill him if you’re spotted.

Therefore, take out the enemies on the edges before going for the hostage area and complete the mission.

Decontamination Mission Type

During this mission, you must destroy a couple of mutant nests. However, keep in mind that they all are linked with each other. Meaning, if one gets destroyed, others will be notified and will spawn several waves of enemies upon you and your team.

Simply destroy all of them as soon as possible then continue to proceed towards the main Aberrant nest for a contaminated sample and complete the mission.

MIA Rescue Mission Type

In this mission, you’ll be rescuing a fallen Operator. Simply search for an Archaean tree and once found, interact with it to trigger a mini-game sequence where you’ll pull the Operator out of the Tree while destroying any defense in the form of tree branches.

Once the Operator is out, carry them to the Extraction Pod to complete the mission.

No One Left Behind Mission Type

Although this mission isn’t considered as a main mission but a sub-objective; it still has its rewards.

During this mission, you’ll be carrying a teammate who has been knocked out. The teammate will be covered in a protective covering and you’ll carry them to the extraction pod.

Keep in mind that during the rescue, you can’t run and can only use a secondary weapon for defense. This will give you tons of XP and an Operator will be saved from turning into MIA as a reward.

Gateway Mission Type

The final and the hardest mission in Rainbow Six Extraction. Gateway is a mission during which you’ll have to go through a Singularity Gateway to enter the territory of the Proteans and take them down while they get backup from Archæan, including elite variants.

The best way to survive is to equip the most powerful weapons and a bunch of grenades for a stealth kill.

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