Rainbow Six Extraction Leveling Guide

Rainbow Six Extraction rewards you with lots of XP for its various leveling systems. In this guide, we have covered the different leveling systems in the game and how you can earn XP really fast in the Rainbow Six Extraction.

Rainbow Six Extraction Leveling

Before we let you know how you can farm lots of XP in Rainbow Six Extraction, we’ll go over all the different leveling systems in the game.

Types of Leveling Systems in R6 Extraction

In R6 Extraction you will find three different leveling systems, namely Milestones, Operator, and Tech Tree.


Milestones in R6 Extraction represent the overall level of the player. Players gain XP for this by participating in different missions and completing them successfully.

If you reach a new milestone, up to the level cap of 30, you can unlock some new Operators and some of the fresh higher-level missions.

Operator Advancement

Operator Advancement in R6 Extraction means leveling a specific Operator; Each Operator has their own Advancement. leveling up will increase the character level of the specific operator which will unlock new weapons for that operator up to a level cap of 10.

The Operator level will only be increased for the Operator you are playing as in the mission.

Tech Tree

The last leveling system in the R6 Extraction is the Tech Tree. In this, equipment such as armor and grenades are unlocked as you move forward in the game.

This system is a little different from the other two leveling systems as in this you have to invest the points you get from increasing Milestones in the Tech Tree.

After investing these points into Tech Tree, its level will increase and some of the new equipment will be unlocked for you.

How to Earn XP Fast in Rainbow Six Extraction

Below are some of the ways you can quickly get XP in Rainbow Six Extraction and level up fast.

Play Game at Higher Difficulty

One of the easiest ways to earn XP fast will be playing games at Higher difficulties as this will boost the amount of XP you are earning. Always make sure to use the hardest level of difficulty which you can handle as well.

Don’t play on too high a difficulty as it gets difficult for you to win battles, especially when Mutations come into play. You can increase the difficulty level slowly as you progress in the game and get used to it.

If you are playing the game in Cautious difficulty, you will get 50% extra XP in the missions. Severe difficulty will get you a 100% boost to the XP and Critical Difficulty will get you a huge 200% boost to the XP. So playing in severe difficulty and completing a mission can earn you a lot of XP.

Kill Enemies in Stealth Mode

As you know, you will earn some XP for killing Archaeans in the game. The more you kill, the more XP you will earn. But you can also boost the amount of XP you get for each kill.

To boost this XP, you have to kill all the enemies in a certain way. You can earn 40-50 XP more to kill enemies if you kill them in stealth mode. It means if you kill them without getting seen, you can make some extra XP.

You can kill them by shooting through walls or other gadgets. You just have to make sure they don’t see you and you will make some extra XP.

Scan before Killing

If you are playing as an operator with abilities like Intel, we highly recommend you kill enemies after scanning them. Killing scanned enemies will get you more XP than killing unscanned ones.

In this way, your XP will increase pretty quickly. If you can scan enemies and kill them without knowing you can get even more XP. You just have to be a little creative to earn more XP.

Complete Studies

The last thing you will need to make sure is you are completing studies in your missions other than your primary objectives. The studies will come in sets of three that will grant you some lore, cosmetic goodies, and a big XP reward if you complete them.

You will find unique studies in each location in the game; you just have to click the Studies button just under the “Quick Play” button to check the details about the studies.

The studies you find in the latter part of the game will offer you more XP, but they will be a little tricky to complete. So play in a location where you are confident.

Completing more studies will get you XP faster and you can quickly level up your operator level in R6 Extraction.

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