How to Get Rainbow Six Extraction on Game Pass

Much awaited Rainbow Six Extraction is finally here on Xbox Consoles, PlayStations, and PCs. Being a Game Pass subscriber, it is pretty simple to download the game from the Game Pass interface if you are using Xbox App on your PC. But downloading the Tactical Shooter from Ubisoft is a hustle. If you are in a troubled position, here is How to get Rainbow Six Extraction on Game Pass.

How to get Rainbow Six Extraction on Game Pass

Downloading the game, on Game Pass may seem a punishing task unless you follow these simple steps and proceed to have your R6 Extraction on Game Pass.

To start, open the Xbox app and click the game’s banner on the carousel. You will be redirected to a new site.
Sign in to your Microsoft account by pressing the login button on the site.
Now let Ubisoft have the permission to access your Gamertag, friend list, activity stats, rankings, setting, and content you share at anytime no matter if you are using the app or not.
The account you’re about to link will become the reference Xbox account “for your Ubisoft experience,” according to a prompt. If you have numerous Outlook profiles, make sure you select the Game Pass address.
Now, get into your Ubisoft account.
You’ll be taken back to the original site after the window closes. If you’re unclear whether you’ve logged in to the correct address, look for your Gamertag here before confirming.
You’re almost there. Now, open or download your Ubisoft connect. (Tip: Uplay doesn’t exist anymore)
A huge R6 Banner must be visible now, if it is not the case, then you have your Rainbow 6 Extraction in your library.
The installation size is a little over 47 GB at the time of publication, along with an additional 8.5 GB for an optional HD texture pack.
You are all good to go with the R6 Extraction downloaded from Game Pass.

Helpful Tip

While reading this you may be looking for alternative ways to get the R6 Extraction, but here’s something you must know before having your precious time in vain.

Our experts have spent a handsome amount of time finding the most efficient and time-saving way to download the game from Game Pass, and the above is what they concluded after their struggle.

Neither the Xbox Console Companion app nor the Xbox Game Bar app has the game. Isn’t there a Microsoft Store? So far, searching for the game hasn’t yielded any results.

So, don’t get your head jinxed in the jargon and rely on our experts and their research and download the R6 Extraction from Game Pass using the aforementioned method.

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