How to Defeat Every Archaean Enemy Type in Rainbow Six Extraction

Rainbow Six Extraction has you and your team dealing with a horde of Alien Invaders known as the Archaeans. The Archaeans come in various forms with their own individual strength and weakness. So, in this Rainbow Six Extraction guide, we’ll let you know how to defeat every Archaean enemy type so that you and your team is ready for the Archaean menace.

Rainbow Six Extraction Archaean Enemy Types

Below, we will be telling you about the strengths and weaknesses of each Archaean type in R6 Extraction, so you can have an idea and prepare a better plan to fight against them. They are as follows.

How to Defeat Every Archaean Enemy in Rainbow Six Extraction

How to Defeat Grunts and Spikers

These two enemies look quite similar to each other and are a bit easy to tackle. Grunts will come at you right from the front. On the other hand, Spikers will target you with spikes throwing in a projectile motion.

Use field wall to prevent from Spikes and take Jager with you as an operator help you to stop Spikes coming at you. They can be found in any of the missions and at any difficulty level, so they do not require any specific mission or difficulty.

You can defeat them easily by using melee weapons and going undercover during the fight, as by going undercover your health will not be affected much. You can also try headshots to cause some extra damage to Grunt and Spikers.

How to Defeat Smashers

Smashers are like Grunts, but they are equipped with armor. Their strength during a fight will be to come at you very quickly and cause a large amount of damage. To avoid their attacks, you immediately need to target the points where they are most vulnerable to your attacks.

Make sure to attack their arms and back continuously, as these are their weakest points. Combine charged up hammer swing attack with Tachanka’s mounted LMG. You can also use stun grenades along with melee attack to cause extra damage.

How to Defeat Tormentors

Tormentors are included amongst the high-tier Archaeans. They can convert into Sprawls and will surround you very quickly and surprisingly.

To tackle Tormentors, you need to get rid of Sprawl and then you are good to go against them. Combine Gridlock’s Trax Stingers with Ela’s Grzmot mines to tackle them effectively.

How to Defeat Bloaters and Breachers

They are available at tier two in the game. Bloaters and Breachers possess heavy amounts of explosive materials on their back. Try to dodge them while facing them, so they aren’t able use the explosives at you.

Players can recognize the Bloaters by observing green sacks. The function of these sacks is to form a poisonous gas cloud which causes more and more damage with the time you stay in the sack.

Breachers possess red sacks that can make walls and barricades to collapse. They cause damage quickly after they are triggered. You can benefit from them by making them destroy the walls or other enemies. One can use any weapon to attack them, as they can be killed easily using any of the weapons.

How to Defeat Rooters and Sowers

Rooters and Sowers are supporting Archaeans. To defeat them, the best strategy is to attack them using weapons from the side. If you pass through their way, they will make you lose your balance. This unbalanced state will make you more vulnerable against the Archaeans.

Rooters will directly attack you, while Sowers can lay an ambush on the way. Paralysis grenades can freeze the Rooters, thus preventing you from their attacks. You can use armor shields of Rook to defend yourself from its attack as well.

How to Defeat Lurkers

Lurkers are the most difficult of the Archaeans to tackle in the game. They can become invisible and make other Archaens that are close to it invisible as well. The players must target their heads, as they are not defended by an armored hood, so they will be most vulnerable when you attack their heads.

Hibana is a useful operator that can help you during this fight with the explosives that she carries. IQ is another useful option that allows you to identify the Lurkers even when they are invisible.

How to Defeat Apex

The Apex can make all Archaean enemies come together that are at the Sprawl close to it. Apex is also equipped with heavy armor, so we suggest you tackle them as quickly as possible.

Lion can help you track Apex constantly. Additionally, Alibi using her Prisma decoys helps you to divert Apex’s attention. Finka can reduce the effect of blindness using Adrenal Surge.

 How to Defeat Proteans

Proteans can change their appearance and become any other React Operators. It is very difficult to recognize the Proteans, as they have the same appearance as your fellow team members are carrying. They possess the same outfit and weapons and everything else is exactly similar. You’ll likely face them in later missions of the game and find that they are really hard to take down.

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