Rain Memory Locations ‘Rainbow’s End’ Guide

Sony’s latest exclusive title Rain; is a PSN downloadable title which puts players in the boots of a little boy trying to save a girl from monsters. While playing the game; you will come across a number of puzzles and monsters which you must confront in order to save the girl from enemies who impose a danger on you and her.

There are a total of 24 Memories which you can collect while playing the game. However, note that you would only be able to find these Memories (Collectibles) after beating the game at least once.

You will unlock Lost in the Rain, Twin Shadows and Rainbow’s End trophies for finding 10, 20 and 24 memories. Each chapter in the game has three Memories and these are not see-able unless you get to the exact location and see them popping-up.

We have tried to compile this guide in such a way so as to provide you with exact location of each Memory. Still; if you can’t happen to find a particular collectible, let us know and we’ll help you out!

Rain Memory Locations

Chapter #1

Checkpoint #1 – Daybreak
Memory Location #1 – Turn to your left side after you reach the fountain to find the first collectible.

Checkpoint #3 – Dusk
Memory Location #2 – After the dog has left your pursuit; run all the way back until you reach a long staircase. Climb up to find the next collectible.

Checkpoint #4 – The Town’s Memories
Memory Location #3 – Get away from the second dog and make your way up to find a staircase leading downwards to the next collectible.

Chapter #2

Checkpoint #1 – The Big Wide World
Memory Location #4 – Evade the Unknown by making your way into a small hole. After you get in; head towards left to find the collectible.

Checkpoint #2 – The Faraway World
Memory Location #5 – You will come across a small lighted hole; immediately after the mud pile. Go inside that hole to find the next collectible.

Checkpoint #4 – Premonitions
Memory Location #6 – Before making your way into the church; go all the way back into the garden and find the collectible in a bunch of bushes.

Chapter #3

Checkpoint #1 – A Face in Profile
Memory Location #7 – To find the next collectible; make your way to the left rather than going under the second beast.

Checkpoint #3 – The Wind
Memory Location #8 – Open the locker on the most left to obtain the collectible.

Checkpoint #4 – A Meeting
Memory Location #9 – You will use a lever to enter into a room containing both mud and clear puddles. Go to the very end of this room and before leaving it; turn right to see a bunch of shelves with the next collectible.

Chapter #4

Checkpoint #2 – Metamorphosis
Memory Location #10 – Follow the girl and instead of following her down to an alley; go straight to find a car and the next collectible.

Checkpoint #3 – Little Lost Child
Memory Location #11 – Open to left most lock to find the next collectible.

Checkpoint #5 – A Landscape
Memory Location #12 – After jumping off the cart; stick to your left hand side and you will eventually get to the next Memory collectible.

Chapter #5

Checkpoint #3 – A Presence
Memory Location #13 – You will get into a room with the waiting girl. Make your way down in this room to find the next Memory.

Checkpoint #3 – Vanishing Shadows
Memory Location #14 – After you save the girl; don’t take the large stairs! Instead, keep on the path right next to the stairs to get the next Memory.

Checkpoint #5 – Welcoming the Rain
Memory Location #15 – After getting past the dogs stealthily; make your way through the bridge and head to your left to find some barrels and the next collectible.

Chapter #6

Checkpoint #1 – Into the Night
Memory Location #16 – Don’t chase the Unknown and the girl into the tent; instead, go to your right to find the next Memory.

Checkpoint #3 – A Beacon
Memory Location #17 – After getting the Unknown; go all the way back to your starting position and you will get the Memory there.

Checkpoint #3 – A Shadow Appears
Memory Location #18 – The next Memory will be in a bathroom in the house you’d enter.

Chapter #7

Checkpoint #1 – The Darkness
Memory Location #19 – Head past the caged dogs to follow the long pathway and you will find the next Memory will be on top of some roots.

Checkpoint #1 – Behind the Night
Memory Location #20 – Immediately after the previous collectible; you will come to see a bunch of stairs. Take the small stairway to find the next collectible on top of it.

Checkpoint #3 – The Light
Memory Location #21 – Run through the area with the bookshelves and reach the next building. Take the narrow pathway and jump across after dropping down a few ledges to finally get the Memory.

Chapter #8

Checkpoint #1 – Awakenings
Memory Location #22 – As soon as you see ‘Chapter 8’ written on your screen; go down and turn left to find another staircase going up to the next collectible.

Checkpoint #1 – Awaiting the Dawn
Memory Location #23 – Soon after the previous collectible; make your way through the bridge and turn right to find the next collectible right next to the stairs.

Checkpoint #5 – Daybreak
Memory Location #24 – This Memory can’t be seen and you will get it eventually by walking over it. In order to get it; get inside the room you will unlock at the very end of this chapter and make your way to the back area of the room. It will be somewhere on the left.

If you found anything missing or confusing; let us know in the Comment Section below!

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