Ragnarok Online 2 Wizard Builds Guide – Full DPS

The Wizard is quite possibly the best class you can pick if you just want to deal absolutely stupid amounts of damage with a very simple rotation. The Wizard has amazing, steady DPS that it can churn out for as long as the enemy is still breathing.

As such, there is really only one effective build for this class; full damage.

+Quite easy to pick up and learn
+Ridiculous damage and AoE

-Not so good in PvP
-Not very versatile

Ragnarok Online 2 Wizard BuildSkill Tree Build

  • Cold Bolt (1/5)
  • Fire Bolt (5/5)
  • Lightning Bolt (1/5)
  • Fire Ball (1/3)
  • Frost Diver (1/3)
  • Thunder Storm (1/3)
  • Fire Bolt Mastery (3/3)
  • Water Arms (1/5)
  • Fire Arms (5/5)
  • Wind Arms (1/5)
  • Frost Nova (1/5)
  • Blast Arms (5/5)
  • Teleport (3/3)
  • Ice Wall (4/5)
  • Fire Flower (5/5)
  • Dragonology (5/5)
  • Pyromaniac (5/5)
  • Inferno (1/5)
  • Meteor Storm (3/3)

Here is a visual representation of the finished skill tree.

Stats Priority
When considering stat priority for a Wizard, you should focus the majority of your points into either INT for the raw damage or AGI for the spellcrit. A safe build would be 40 INT, 40 AGI and 8 VIT, but you can go for more crit with 51 AGI, 27 INT and 3 VIT or pure damage with 51 INT, 27 AGI and 3 VIT.

This is the standard build for a raid boss DPS character. You focus on dealing damage to the mobs from a distance using a set spell rotation. With this build, your rotation should be; Fire Flower -> Fire Ball -> Fire Bolt -> Fire Bolt -> Fire Ball -> Flame Explosion.

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