Rage Vehicle Jump Locations Guide

If you think you can do whatever you want in Rage and escape the authorities, you are wrong. Wasteland in Rage is watched by Authority Drones, and they are 18 in number. They fly above the air and are very hard to take down, but there is a way around that. You can use your vehicle and jump right into them to destroy them. But how do you make your vehicles jump? That is where our Rage Vehicle Jump Locations guide comes in.

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Rage Vehicle Jump Locations

Using your vehicle, you can get destroy these drones easily. If you destroy all of them, you will unlock Jumper Achievement in Rage. It’s a daunting task, but don’t worry, we will help you find each jump location with the help of this guide.

Wasteland Jump Locations

Beginner’s Jump
Location. Get the Dune Buster Vehicle since it makes it easy to do first few jumps. Ramp is near the Dam facility. Start near the Highway Overpass and jump off towards the ramp. If you maintain good speed, you will reach the drone easily.

In The Basket
Location. In The Basket jump is in Wasted Territory, which is swarming with enemies. First kill all the enemies and then go for the jump. Look for the Drone above the crater near the barrier. You should start from the southern side and use the ridges of the crater as a ramp to make this jump.

Location. Go to Crazy Joe’s shack and continue on the road until you come across a ramp near the mailbox. Once there, point your buggy towards the rock – which acts as a ramp here.

Take off while speeding your way to the jump site. Don’t worry about the drone, you will see it when you make the jump. It may require few tries before you will be able to do it.

Butterfly Sky
Location. Come back at the Highway Overpass and find a ramp of rocks near the Highway’s support pillars. Align yourself with the ramp, back off as far as possible even if it means going back to the Wasted Territory.

Accelerate and try to fire your vehicle to the top speed and make jump. Trick is to maintain the top speed, so avoid the turns and continue accelerating even on the ramp rocks.

Tiger Jump
Location. The drone is in the canyon off from the Mutant Bash TV Studio. Go to the western side cliff of the canyon and you will find a ramp over the drone. Align yourself, go back and start accelerating.

This drone is far away so you would have to angle your vehicle upward as you make the jump so you can catch it with your front bumper.

I Think I Can
Location. There is a canyon in the North of Wellsrping. Look for a ramp along the left side of the canyon leading up to Stanley Express Mailbox. Easy jump, no sweat.

Mini Gap Jump
Location. On the same canyon as the previous jump, there a Shrouded Bunker in south, on the left side of the canyon. You have the space to prepare and shoot, but make sure you stay clear of the enemies and guard towers.

Leap of Faith
Location. You will make this jump in the Scorcher Territory. Search one of the destroyed on-ramps marked with a ‘Dead End’ sign. Once you find it, align yourself, go back and accelerate. Keep the acceleration button pressed even when you are leaving the ramp. Make sure you angle the front bumper a little up – this will help you catch this drone easily by getting some extra yards in the air.

Highway Hop
Location. In the same territory, take the northern section of the highway on the western side of the territory until you reach a drop-off point, with a drone clearly visible ahead.

Align yourself to the drone and back up. Careful about the speed here, you can easily miss the drone by over-speeding.

Science Makes You Crazy
Location. You will find this drone near Ksavir’s Lab – It is floating above the canyon. Now, this is a tricky jump. First you will have to find a road that goes from the Northern Watch Tower and by the Authority Prison.

Head back to the Northern West Tower from the lab and look left for a large rock. Circle around to reach the edge of canyon. Drive along without falling in. Accelerate but stop as soon as your vehicle leaves the ground or you will miss the drone.

Location. You will find this drone in the north side of the Northern Watch Tower. Look for the ramp on the south of the drone. Once you have found the ramp, align yourself with the drone and back off.

Accelerate towards the ramp while making sure you are driving straight. Keep the acceleration button pressed without worrying about overspeed. Angle the front bumper above if you still can’t make this jump.

Eastern Wasteland Jump Locations

Location. This is the first drone you will see in the Eastern Wasteland. You can easily find it by a cliff north of the Subway Town. Align yourself and accelerate.

Over The Hill
Location. There are two drones hovering near one another near the wrecked highway ramps. You will come across them while driving towards the Power Planet. Now, to reach this drone, you will have to look west of the drone for a hill while looking for fallen green high-way sign that can be used as a ramp. Just drive off the ramp and you will hit the drone. Don’t accelerate here!

In The Gears
Location. Look for a drone on the left of the entrance to the Power Planet, near the metal ramp. Don’t accelerate here, just drive.

Bunny Hop
Location. Go back to the road to the Power Planet and look for an on-ramp up to the highway and accelerate off the destroyed edge of that ramp. You need to accelerate here since you need speed but make sure you keep your car aligned to the drone if you want to hit it.

Shock And Awe
Location. Drive to the ledge of the rocky area to the west near the Power Plant and you will see this drone. Once you have found it, line up your vehicle and accelerate to the cliff and drop off. That’s it, but don’t keep your acceleration button pressed or you may miss it due to over-speed.

Near The Heart
Location. First clear the Authority Restricted Area. Once you have killed all the respawning enemies and are good to go. Drive your car up the hill and go south of Capital Prime and climb above the drone that is below.

Align your car, back off a bit, and accelerate over the ledge. Keep accelerating to maintain top speed as you move through the air.

Off The Dune
Location. Your last Vehicle jump is also in the Authority Restricted Area. First clear all the enemies and then go past the Authority Bridge.

You will find the drone hovering near a sand dune. You need to use the sand dune as a ramp and accelerate off it. Keep accelerating as you fly toward the drone and you will make this jump successfully.

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