Rage Field Goal Locations Guide

Rage is full of interesting collectibles. Be it Playing Cards, Schematics/Recipes or Vehicle Jumps, they really test you to the limits before rewarding you with the corresponding achievement or trophy. The same is the case with hidden goalposts in Rage. You need to score in 3 Field Goals to unlock ‘It’s Good’ achievement or trophy and we have all the Rage Field Goal Locations for you.

How to score a field goal in Rage? Well, use the Jetter ATV to crash your vehicle against the wall and use the impact to launch yourself in the middle of the field goal. It’s kinda funny but you need to do if you want to get It’s Good achievement.

Rage Field Goal Locations

Field Goal #1
Location. Look for it at the Ark Site after exiting the Wasted Garage. This will be near the place where the protagonist comes out of Ark 437a.

Align the ATV with the goal post, back up without ruining the alignment. Boost and accelerate yourself into the guard rail that’s located right ahead of you. The right amount of speed will allow you to split the uprights.

Field Goal #2
Location. It is located west of Mutant Bash TV close to metal Authority Door and not distant from the Swamp. The Authority Door is located at the end of the road in a cliff.

Once you’ve found the goal post, align your Jetter with the post, go back and boost towards the rock wall so that you’re launched through the uprights.

Field Goal #3
Location. Go through the Scorcher Territory after you’ve left Wellspring. Try to avoid getting hit here. You will find it at the Northern Watch Tower, past the gate, towards the right side.

The goal will be located across the ridge, while you will need to rush through with as much speed as you can get, since the goal post will be distant. After you back up as far as you can, rush towards the ridge that’s in front of the goal.

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