Rage Factions Guide

In Id Software’s Rage, you will be given many choices to progress the story, you can side with different teams that are popular in the wastelands. Making one faction your friend might make another faction your foe, so the choices you make would dictate how the story will progress. This is why we have compiled this Rage Factions guide for you.

Rage Factions

Knowing about these clans beforehand will give you an edge on how to make those decisions in Rage. Below are all the factions that you will encounter, and for one reason or another, you need to be careful about each and the decisions you make when it comes to each faction. These include factions from the base game as well as the DLCs.

The Authority
Not much is known about these guys, except for the fact that they like collecting survivors of the Arks, and offer huge rewards whoever gives them one.

These guys want to overthrow The Authority and abolish them entirely. Even though there aren’t many of them, they have very strong willpower and will do anything in their might to destroy The Authority. Due to this opposition, they’re being targeted and have become outlaws

They may not have the brains, but they have the strength, and the rage. Some mutants have been shown that are more than fifty feet tall. That isn’t a very comforting fact.

The Wasted Clan
These guys are dim-witted, but they’re pretty straight forward in their preferences. They enjoy mechanics, love fighting, and have a pretty non-tactical way of beating the life out of a single individual. They live in areas which were once industries, and try making projects from the scraps and remains they can find there.

The Ghost Clan
These guys are the ninjas of the post-apocalyptic world. They’ll climb walls, stay in the shadows, and use every stealthy technique there is known to extirpate the enemies. Even the other clans fear them, yet they fear just about no one.

The Scorcher Clan
They can also be nicknamed pyromaniacs, because that’s what they are. They believe that the asteroid Apophis was the warhorse of a demigod, and that they can attain immense power by tapping into the true energy of the asteroid.

The Shrouded Clan
This clan consists of folks who have left other clans in disenchantment. Little is known about their identities, and their interaction with the rest of the world is primarily through booby-traps, automatic turrets and RC bomb cars.

The Gearhead Clan
Out of all the bandit clans, the Gearheads are the smartest. Instead of using brute force to murder and loot people, they use impressive weapons and machines. They are unrelenting and use technology to their advantage to survive.

The Jackal Clan
The Jackals are arguably the most savage of all the bandit clan; which says a lot about them. They are very animalistic and powerful, and they have a very intimidating appearance, as they wear animal skin and bones on their bodies. Melee weapons are their first choice, but they can also use guns when need be

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