Rage Errors and Fixes Guide

Fixes for some of the most popular issues for Rage on PC.

Rage has just been released to the masses and like every Bethesda game is plagued by some issues. First, the graphics are buggy – bad textures, flickering, screen tearing, and textures popping, you name the issue, and Rage has it.

Secondly, most of the people are experiencing random crashes and performance issues. Add to that the usual dislikes of PC gamers – FPS, FOV, and Performance and you will have all the issues people are currently experiencing with Rage on PC.

Rage Errors and Fixes

We have listed down all these issues that you may come across when playing Rage with possible workarounds to fix these. If you know anything that would help resolve any of these issues, do share with us in comments.

1# How To Disable Mouse Acceleration
If you find yourself out of the place with the default mouse acceleration in Rage, then disable it by following the workaround. In all the previous ID Games mouse acceleration has been present by default if you have ‘Improved Pointer Precision’ checked in mouse hardware options, try unchecking it.

If that doesn’t work, open the Rage config file, and change the value from ‘1’ to ‘0’. m_smooth is the command that you would find in the console and setting it to 0 will disable mouse smoothing/acceleration in-game.

2# How To Enable The Developer Console
You will need developer console for various tweaks and workarounds, so it is better that I walk you through how to enable it at the start. To enable the dev console enable the console add +set com_allowconsole 1 to your Steam Launch Options.


This will enable dev console in-game, which you can access by press ~ button below ESC. listcvars and listcmds should show you available settings, have fun tweaking.

3# How To Change FOV in Rage
You can either change FOV to your liking through developer console or by editing your default CFG or you can add the command in your launch options. If you choose to do so through dev console, it will disable achievements. Using developer console disables achievements so use it in absolute necessity.

If you want to change the FOV through console, bring it up in-game, and use cvaradd command to change the g_fov variable. You can add or subtract fov values from the default 80. For example, cvaradd g_fov 15 will result in g_fov 95 since you added 15. Similarly, cvaradd g_fov -15 will subtract 15 from default 80 value and the resulting g_fov will be 65. I hope you got the point.

If you don’t want to mess up your achievements, you can add these values in your default config file, which is located here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\rage\base Or you can add these values in your launch options.

4# Horrible Rage Flickering and Artifacts Pop-Ins
If you are experiencing flickering and large artifacts pop-ins while playing Rage, you should probably roll back your drivers. If you have beta drivers installed, they don’t help either. Switching back to old drivers may help the cause.

5# Rage ATI Fixes
If you are trying to play Rage on your ATI video card, there are few things you should know:
Force the game to start in best performance mode, disable the 3D application control. Disable the Catalyst AI. Roll back your drivers.

Rage is experiencing conflicts with drivers resulting in bad overall performance – forcing these settings may improve performance for you. If you are concerned about messing up your settings, try giving Rage Hotfix drivers from ATI a shot, if it resolves your issue, you don’t need to do any of this.

6# Can’t Launch Rage
If you can’t launch the game on Steam. Logout of the Steam and log back in, verify the game cache and re-try. If it still doesn’t work, relaunch the Steam as administrator and try again. It may also be due to the customized settings you are forcing through your nVidia or Catalyst control panel. Get rid of them all and try again.

7# Rage Lag Fix
Disable Steam in-game community feature to resolve the lag issue, if you are among those facing it. Right-click on RAGE in Steam -> properties -> uncheck ‘enable steam community in game’.

8# ATI Flickeri1ng Fix
Download and Install 11.8 ATI drivers to fix the issue.

9# Rage Crashes (ATI Hot Fix)
There are two things you can do to resolve the random crashes that occur when you try to play Rage. You can disable tripple buffering in your ATI Control Panel and install Rage Hotfix Drivers.

10# How To Fix Screen Tearing in Rage
Rage by default doesn’t allow you to enable Vsync. If you are experiencing screen flickering and vertical tearing on Screen, you can force Vsync through your graphics card control panel, be it Nvidia Control Panel or ATI Catalyst Control Panel.

11# Crashes To Desktop – Rage Stopped Working
If you can’t get into the game and it crashes you to desktop on startup. Try this – If you get the black screen, have to Ctrl-Alt-Delete to get to the ‘Rage has stopped working’ window, try removing the ‘video’ folder (rage->base->video). Make sure you back up the folder for worse case scenario.

12# Rage SLI or Crossfire
Rage doesn’t support SLI or Crossfire, so don’t bother. It would only make it worse.

13# Rage Textures – Nvidia
Install the latest beta drivers if you are experiencing bad and cluttered textures in Rage. It will most probably this issue on high-end machines. If you are on average PC, try rolling back the drivers to 235.38 and see if that helps.

14# Rage Textures and Bad Graphics – ATI
Try downloading the latest Rage Hotfix Drivers and see if that helps. Most of the people have complained about these drivers but since they have helped few, trying won’t hurt.

15# How To Fix Rage Stuttering – Nvidia
Force v-sync through Nvidia control panel. Enable GPU-transcode in-game – if you have high-end GPU for faster streaming of textures.

16# Fix Slow Rage Textures
Download Battlefield 3 Beta drivers since they seem to have fixed Rage’s slow texture streaming for a lot of people.

17# How To Fix Rage Textures Popping
Some players suggest that disabling AA and transparency AA in desktop control panel will fix texture issues and improve FPS. Worth a try!

18# AMD Rage Drivers Update
AMD has just released updated drivers to fix most of the issues PC Gamers with AMD family of video cards are experiencing. You can download these drivers from here and install them by following the official instructions.

19# Rage Graphics Tweaks
You can follow our Rage Tweak Guide to tweak graphics for better image quality or to improve performance of the game by tweaking them down.

20# Rage doesn’t launch.

Go the Steam’s menu>Setting>Change>Beta participation> choose Steam Beta Update and fix this bug. The game sometime crashes when there’s a problem related to the Steam so, be sure to check out these settings.

However, if you can’t get into the game and it crashes you to desktop on startup. Try this – If you get the black screen, have to Ctrl-Alt-Delete to get to the ‘Rage has stopped working’ window, try removing the ‘video’ folder (rage->base->video). Make sure you back up the folder for worst-case scenario

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