Rage Characters Guide

There is a variety of characters in Rage. We have described them all so that you don't have to go anywhere else.

You will interact with various important NPCs in Rage that would give you certain quest or are important because of their ranks in different Factions. In this Rage Characters guide, we will give you a brief overview of all these important characters, and details about when and how you will interact with them.

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Rage Characters

You will find him in the Second Chance Bar in Wellspring. Talk to him to play 5 Finger Fillet.

Antonin Kvasir
Antonin Kvasir is a non-playable hermit. He is the ex-chief scientist for the Authority and can be found in Kvasir’s Chasm.

Ark Survivor
This character is anonymous however, he plays the main protagonist in Rage


Resident of the Wellspring. You can find him at the main entrance gate or at the Second Chance Bar.

Brick Johnson
Brick Johnson is a non-playable character, mostly found in Subway Town since he’s the landlord of the bar Fez there.

Charon is a Zeppelin pilot in Rage. He takes the players along with their transports at the Wasteland (Northern and Eastern).

The maintenance man at Wellspring. Talk to him to get Hijacked Wall quest.

The owner of a gambling place called Jackpot. This character is the played in rage as a DLC. You receive Ticket to Oasis and The Scorcher Threat after interacting with him

Coffer is the shopkeeper at Outfitters in Wellspring. You can get new armor if you take his quest ‘Changing Clothes’. You can also buy vehicle weapon ammo and several schematics from him.

Crazy Joe
Go northwest of Mutant Bash TV, up a hill, and you will come across the Shack of Crazy Joe.

He is a character in Rage that you’ll find in Wellspring, Northern Wasteland and he has Hijacked Well and Deadly Delivery quests associated with him

Dan Hagar
First guy you meet in the Wasteland, leader of the Hagar Settlement. He will give you the first few quests such as: Quell the Bandit Threat, Medical Supplies, Destroy the Barricade, Dan’s Message, Grab the Crossbow Wellspring Bound. Also, he’ll give you your first weapons.

Sarah Hagar
Sarah is a very important character in Scorcher job path and you can initially find her in the Hager Cave. Once she’s found, you’ll receive Rumbles in the Dark, Scorched Refinement, A Big Gamble, Ticket to Oasis and The Scorcher Threat quests.

A chemist who appears in Rage. You can find him at the Subway Town

Durar Hagar
He is the mechanic and resident of the Hagar settlement. He will get you your first buggy and get you into first race later in the game along with giving you two quests The Missing Parts, Durar’s Time Trial.

Dylan plays a very important role in Rage. He is a local of Wellspring who informs others when the mutants arrive

Loosum Hagar
You will find her southwest of the shop. You will learn how to use Wingstick from her. Talk to her to start ‘Wingstick Mastery’ quest. When you have learned the art of Wingstick, she will reward you with five of these.

Haleck Hagar
He runs auto shop in the Hagar Settlement.

He runs the Frenzy card mini game in Second Chance Bar.

Janus Outrigger
Janus is the leader of the Outrigger Settlement. Gives you quests to find Juno and medical supplies, who turns out to be dead, nonetheless, you are rewarded for your effort.

Rikter Outrigger
You will meet Rikter in Outrigger Settlement. Talk to him and he will give you Radio Tower Repair quest along with finding Medical Supplies, where you need to clear the area of bandits and return power to the radio tower.

Ramos Outrigger
Ramos is a resident of the Outrigger Settlement. You will find Ramos sitting on a chair, keeping a watch over settlement. Talk to him and he will reveal where he sent Juno and will ask you to finish what Juno left thus starting Mutant Alert quest.

Johan Outrigger
Johan is a resident of the Outrigger Settlement. He is an engineer and you will interact with him during ‘Find The Buggy Parts’ mission.

He is a local from Wellspring. You are given a quest to find Feltrite, once you’ve meet him

Mayor Clayton
Mayor of Wellspring. You will find him in his office across the garage in Wellspring. He’ll give you quests such as Changing Clothes, Renting a Garage, Feltrite Crater and Feltrite Sample.

Mayor Redstone
You will find him in the Subway town. If you are looking from Blake Griffin bobblehead – it is lying on his desk.

Mark Lassard
Mark Lassard is the technology specialist and a part of the resistance in Subway Town.

He is the owner of a Garage in Wellspring, Mike’s Garage.

Phallinx Hagar
He is the mechanic in Hagar Settlement who appears in Rage as a non-playable character. After interacting with this character, you’ll receive RC Prototype as your quest.

He is the antagonist in Rage and the leader of Scorchers; a bandit group

Sheriff Black
Sheriff of Wellspring. His office is on the second floor of the alley area behind the Mayor’s Office. After you meet him, he’ll give you some quests to complete; Cuprino Needed, Resupply the Watch Tower, Destroy the Bomb Caches, The Exchange.

Rusty runs Rusty’s Autoparts in the back part of Wellspring by the races.

Jackie Weeks
She stands on the pedestal near the race entrance in Wellspring.

The race organizer – Talk to him in the booth in the Wellspring to begin the race.

Bartender at the Second Chance Bar. Talk to her and she will give you a quest to take out the Bandit Vehicles.

Dr. Kvasir
A scientist who aids the Resistance. You will encounter him on a road on Wellspring after being attacked by a group of mutants.

Elizabeth Cadence
Member of the Resistance. She offers you Secret Delivery and Liberate Captain Marshall to complete as quests

JK Stiles
The guy who runs Mutant Bash TV. He can finance your rally racing if you give him a good show.

Jack Portman
He is a part of the resistance you find initially in Subway Town.

She is the owner of Jani’s supplies, a general shop in Subway Town

Captain Marshall
He is a member of the Resistance and is imprisoned in the Authority Prison.

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