RAGE 2 Will Be The Craziest Thing We’ve Played According To Avalanche

We already knew that RAGE 2 will be a crazy ride. Its trailers and E3 2018 presentation made sure of it. To top that though, Avalanche Studios confirms that the game will be the craziest thing we’ve ever played.

Speaking with Gamereactor.eu, Avalanche Studios’ game director Magnus Nedfors has revealed that the collaboration between them and id Software has brought the perfect balance to RAGE 2.

With both studios working alongside each other, RAGE 2 will bring the best of both worlds, a huge open world, and excellent FPS gameplay. Nedfors pointed out:

“The first and foremost thing that makes this game unique in my mind is the marriage of the gameplay of Avalanche Studios and the gameplay from id Software.”

“I guess how we merged those two styles of games, like both studios know how to make a crazy over-the-top action, quite different before this game but now we have merged them into a unique open-world shooter that is the craziest thing you have ever played.”

He also talked about how challenging working on a title with the help of another studio could be. Hard as it may be, it’s always nice to see big studios like id Software and Avalanche working on such a big project to create something meaningful. He stated:

“Well, challenge on many different levels, because we had a little experience with first-person viewpoints before […] so we had a basic camera handling level but just the tempo, how you move, how you actually build the world that you walk on, because that’s affecting how the camera moves in a totally different way and so on, but with the fantastic support of the id people that made first-person shooters for a very long time, they were so supportive with us and helped us not to make all the mistakes we might have done.”

Rage 2 will release on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC sometime next year. There’s no release date for it yet but we expect to find out more about it at E3 2018. Until then, here’s everything we know about Rage 2.

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