Rage 2 Wasteland Wizard Locations Guide – Finding Mangoo the Unborn

Rage 2 features a variety of cheats that you can input for different effects. However, in order to access cheats (at least a few of them), you need to find a special vendor named the Wasteland Wizard. Our Rage 2 Wasteland Wizard Locations Guide will help you locate the vendor and access cheat codes in the game.

Rage 2 Wasteland Wizard Locations

As mentioned earlier, the Wasteland Wizard is the one selling cheat codes and you’ve to find him in order to gain access to the codes. This part is a bit tricky, as the Rage 2 Wasteland Wizard location isn’t set and permanent.

He keeps roaming the Wastelands and you’ve to find him yourself. But worry not, as always, we’re here to help you find the Wasteland Wizard.

Wasteland Wizard or Mangoo the Unborn is a mutant dressed like a wizard. He doesn’t have a fixed location and roams around the map in a hut lifted by three hot air balloons.

Spotting these green-colored balloons is the only way to find him, as he does not even appear on the map unless he is close by. Only then will you see a hut shaped icon on the map. Below are some of the known locations of the Wasteland Wizard:

Broken Tract
This area is to the northwest of the Eden Space Centre. Here, you’ll find the Wizard in the eastern region of the Broken Tract area that also happens to be the location of one of the Main Missions.

Sekreto Wetland
In this swampy area, you can find him in the southeast corner of the Wetland region. His landing area will be an open area amidst the trees at a little distance from the road.

This area is also inhabited by the Squelch Bandits who live just north of the river from the landing spot.

Sekreto Wetland #2
This is another location inside of the Wetland along the western strip of the region. Here, you may find him on a raised ground amongst the swamp close to two large buildings.

This location is to the west of the Mutie Nest and the Canned Heat Ranger Echo.

The Wilds Wasteland
In the far eastern side of this region, there’s a shallow lake below a Ranger Echo site – the Abandon Sanctum. Here, you may find him amidst the lake on an area where the water is shallow enough to walk through.

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