Rage 2 Vortex Ability Unlock Guide

In this Vortex Ability Unlock Guide, you’ll learn about the ability itself, its effects, using it effectively, and unlocking the ability in Rage 2.

Rage 2 Vortex Ability

Rage 2 offers abilities that either let you inflict damage upon the enemy or provide a defensive capability.

However, the Vortex ability is quite different yet a versatile move, that you can use on many occasions, in order to turn the tables and counter any approach of your adversary.

When executed, it creates a black hole, sucking all the enemies inside, tossing them all over the place, and eliminating large numbers of adversaries.

This special move could be used especially when you realize that the enemy is much tougher and is more in numbers.

However, apart from being an offensive ability, it also provides some extra maneuvers, which you can perform, to surprise your enemy. For example, you can make leaps over your enemies.

How to Unlock
Such a powerful ability doesn’t come for free. It requires some hard work and patience. Moreover, you’ll have to complete side missions to obtain this ability. Go to Twisting Canyons region where you’ll find the Quake Hill Ark.

This is the place where you begin the game. Go to the east of Twisting Canyons, then south, try to follow the road overlooking the ocean, cross a tunnel, and you’ll see a building near a cliff.

Enter the building and find a catwalk that will break as you try to enter it. You’ll find the Quake Hill Ark here. Hostility in this area is quite low, therefore, it’s not that hard to complete. Recover this Ark and you’ll earn the Vortex ability.

This is all we’ve in our Rage 2 Vortex Ability Unlock Guide. If there’s anything else that you’d like to add, be sure to let us know!

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