Rage 2 Settler Pistol Unlock Guide

In this Rage 2 Settler Pistol Guide, you’ll learn about the revolver look-alike weapon in the game. The pistol is not available for everyone and is a pre-order bonus. Here’s everything you need to know about the Settler Pistol, unlocking it, and some tips to help you wield it better.

Rage 2 Settler Pistol

The revolver is a very nostalgic piece of weapon, as it was also present in the first part of Rage. Players remember it as a weapon with high damage, low fire rate, and slow reload time.

Moreover, the Settler Pistol looks like a futuristic version of a traditional revolver. However, as mentioned earlier, the pistol is not available for all Rage 2 players. Only players who pre-ordered the game can get their hands on it.

Unlock the Settler Pistol

Travel to Gunbarrel’s where you’ll find a person named Captain John Marshal who’ll ask for some help. You’ll have to help him turn on the power.

He’ll guide you toward a sewer containing a lot of mutant enemies that will kill you at first sight. Eliminate all hostiles and turn the turbines on. After that, you’ll have to engage in a boss fight.

You’ll have some funny yet interesting interactions during this bonus mission. You’ll find out that the mutants worship Nicholas Raine in this mission – Hero of the original Rage.

Complete the mission fast as this is a limited time mission that either could become free or be replaced in the future. After you’ve completed the mission mentioned above (Cult of the Death God), you’ll receive the Settler Pistol.

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