Rage 2 Crafting Guide – Schematics, Crafting Materials, Recipes

In Rage 2, you’ll have items that are craftable on the fly. There are certain items like Wingstick, Grenade, Healing, etc. that need to be crafted frequently if you want to smooth your way out in the game. In this Rage 2 Crafting Guide, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about schematics locations, crafting materials, and more.

Rage 2 Crafting

To craft, you require schematics. Each item has its schematics and you need to acquire schematics for specific items and upgrade levels.

Acquiring the schematics allow you to craft the items and unlock the next level of the particular item. You can get a hold of the schematics by purchasing them from vendors in cities or from *the Traveling Trader*.

Wingstick Upgrade Schematic
Location: Gunbarrel: McDuff General Store | Cost: $500

Grenade Upgrade Schematic
Location: Gunbarrel: McDuff General Store | Cost: $500

Health Infusion Upgrade Schematic
Location: Gunbarrel: McDuff General Store | Cost: $500

Having the schematics does 50% of your job in crafting the items in Rage 2. For the other 50%, you need to have the crafting materials.

Crafting Recipes and Components

To craft, you need to have Electronic Components, Explosive Components, Mechanical Components, and Chemical Components. These components are the resources to craft the needed items in Rage 2.

x4 Mechanical Components + x2 Electronic Components

x3 Explosive Components + x3 Mechanical Components

Health Infusion
x4 Chemical Components + x3 Mechanical Components

How to Craft

Now that you’ve got the Schematics and the resources, you just have to head up to the “Inventory Section” and then go to the items for that you have the resources for.

If you want to see the items that are yet to be obtained, look on the right side of this same screen, you can find information on the resources needed to craft each item and the level that you’ve unlocked for the item.