Rage 2 Cheats Guide – Unlock All Cheat Codes, Wasteland Wizard Locations

Rage 2 features the use of cheats as a part of the game. Not all the cheat codes that you’ll be unlocking will help you in your missions but every cheat plays a part in making the game more fun and exciting. In our Rage 2 Cheats Guide, we’ve detailed everything about unlocking cheat codes and Wasteland Wizard locations.

Rage 2 Cheats

The series of cheats start if you’ve pre-ordered the game or if you’ve pre-ordered Rage 2 Deluxe Edition. There will be some cheats that are going to be unlocked by default.

But even if you haven’t done the above-said things, you can still get ahold of those cheats though this will require some in-game money.

Purchasing Cheats

To purchase cheats, you’ve to go to the ‘Wizard Wasteland’ store that’s run by Mangoo the Unborn. He’s a merchant and can disappear and appear at different locations, therefore, the store’s always moving.

This is the reason there’s no exact way of telling the locations you’ll find the merchant on. There are some locations we’ve found where you can track down Mangoo the Unborn as he’s always in his hut with those three green balloons tied to it.

Wasteland Wizard Locations

Broken Tract

  • Northwest of the Eden Space Center in the southeast corner of the Broken Tract
  • Near The Edge, a Bandit Den in the south-central area of the Broken Tract


  • Swamps of the Sekreto Wetlands in the bottom southeast corner of the region – north of the Squelch Bandit Den
  • West border of the region, near the Dweller Mutie Nest and Canned Heat Ranger Echo in Sekreto Wetlands
  • South of the Desert Kindling Pit Stop, and the area borders the Broken Tract region
  • The northwestern side of the island on a small hill above the swamp

The Wilds

  • East from the town of Dreadwood and a nearby Authority Sentry

When you reach any of these locations, a marker will appear on the map to guide you but do not depend on it since it’ll only appear when you’re very close to the hut. You can recognize the hut by the signature big balloons.

When you find Mangoo, you can purchase the cheats from him. Any cheat can be purchased in a store, no specificity. It’ll require in-game money, hence, you need to have that in a good amount if you want to buy the cheats.

Rage 2 Cheat Codes

Cheat Codes Cost Uses/Effects
He’s On Fire 2,000 The Voice Actor Tim Kitzrow, from the NBA Jam game, will commentate on your actions and kills.
Son of Thor 2,000 You get charged up with light and enemies get electrocuted when they get close.
Klegg Support N/A Summons Klegg Clayton as AI companion to help you in combat.
Git Gud 1,000 All enemies go down in one hit.
Red Barrel Rain 2,000 Drops a cluster of red barrels in front of you.
Diamond Geezer 2,000 Enables Danny Dyer to commentate on your actions and kills.
Super Phoenix 1,000 Massively boosts the power of your car, the Phoenix. Grants infinite ammo with no overheating, infinite boosting, and becomes impervious to damage.
Super Wingstick 1,000 Unleashes a spinning blade that tracks and cuts down enemies on its own.
Progress Booster 500 Doubles all Feltrite collected for 4 hours.
Super Overdrive 1,000 Boosts the power of your Overdrive ability.
Red Barrel Rain 2,000 Drops in a cluster of explosive red barrels in front of you.

How to Activate Cheats

After you’ve got the cheat, be it by purchasing the Deluxe Edition or purchasing them from the store, from Mangoo, pause the game and go on your ‘Settings’ menu. Click on the ‘Cheats’ category and here you can activate or deactivate whatever cheats you want to.

There’s one downside of activating cheats and that’s you cannot get rewarded with any Achievements/Trophies. Activating cheat codes in Rage 2 deactivates the Achievements and Trophies.

This means that using cheats cannot make it easier for you or help you to get the Achievements/Trophies. When you’re done with a particular mission that requires the cheat, deactivate the cheat, and then work on getting your Achievements/Trophies.