Id Software Explains How Rage 2 Will Keep Players Busy Without Online Modes

Tim Willits of id Software says that post-launch content including free and paid DLC will add new experiences to Rage 2 so everyone can keep playing it despite the lack of multiplayer and co-op. Unlike the first installment in Rage series, the sequel is focused on singleplayer experience.

The lack of multiplayer and co-op have a lot of fans worried. The most common question in everyone’s mind is how will the game keep them busy or bring them back to play it after they have finished the main story. Finally, VG247 has got answers about the longevity of Rage 2 and we are convinced.

Id Software studio director has promised that there will be enough content in the form of DLC to keep players coming back for more. According to Tim Willits:

We can have enough dynamic systems and deliver enough content and focus on the best things about the game. You can do anything, you just can’t do everything. So we focused on what works best for us. What works the best is purely single-player.

We’ll have some post-launch updates that will add experiences so you keep playing. You can finish the main story – if you want to finish it fast, which I encourage people not to do – and you can go back and do other projects. We’ll have some free content and we’ll have some paid content.

As for DLC content, no roadmap or plans have been revealed but developers will be looking into everything to see what players like. There’s a special post-launch team to develop new content depending on what players like.

We are going to try to connect in the life of the game a little bit to give more support. We have a post-launch team that we’re putting together now. We want to see what people like so we can shift quick. We try to keep track of what people are doing, where they’re going, where they spend the most time.

Tim said that there are already a number of locations which can be used to create post-launch DLC content. As Rage 2 launches, you will be able to see these inaccessible locations around the edges of the map, so take notice.

Luckily the release date of Rage 2 has been confirmed as it releases on May 14, 2019, for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Though the game won’t release on Steam anymore as it’s now exclusively available through

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