Rage 2 Background Given In Extensive Article By Bethesda’s Own Website

Bethesda has put up a “Rage Rewind” on its website, giving player san exhaustive look at the Rage 2 background including characters, places, and the history of the setting such as the meteor that started the whole mess, evil tyrannical organizations, and characters that you’ll be playing and encountering in the game.

The first Rage took place a hundred years after an apocalyptic meteor known as Apophis hit the Earth, wiping out 80 percent of all human life and leaving the rest in a wasteland filled with mutants, bandits, and a technologically advanced society known as the Authority, led by General Cross. Players took on the role of Nicholas Raine to find out what happened to the world and to stop the Authority, but the game’s much criticized ending left the story open-ended.

Now a new protagonist named Walker has to take up the reins in the 30 years between the two games, where civilization has begun to recover from a few scattered settlements in a lawless desert into something more civilized. Various characters from the first game have had their fortunes changed, but now you’ll be able to have a final confrontation with General Cross.

In addition to giving you some general stuff through the Rage 2 background information in the article, the Rage Rewind also repeated that the game would be developed by id Software, the same people who brought us the critically acclaimed stories of the 2016 reboot of Doom and Wolfenstein: The New Order and The New Colossus.

Considering the story of the original Rage didn’t have much in it, Rage 2’s story, if it’s of the same writing quality as the Wolfenstein and Doom games, will hopefully be able to remedy that alongside great gameplay and a lot of varied areas.

You can look up all the Rage 2 background information on Bethesda’s Rage Rewind here, and the game will be coming out on the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC in June of next year.