Rage 2 Ability Locations Guide – Nanotrite Abilities, How to Respec

A flurry of abilities in Rage 2 makes you feel like you’re playing a hybrid of DOOM and Borderlands with fast-paced action combat and colorful and destructive skills to make that even better. In this guide, all the Rage 2 Ability Locations are detailed.

From *regenerating HP*, putting up a shield, to performing a ground slam attack and setting up a vortex to pull enemies in, it’s all about the carnage and havoc you can think of. Here’s how you acquire all the Nanotrite Abilities, respec-ing them, and utilizing them in combat.

Rage 2 Ability Locations

Abilities in Rage 2 can be described as superpowers because they often let you perform extraordinary feats.

These so-called Nanotrite Abilities are acquired as you explore the different Arks in the world of Rage 2 and interact with the Nanotrite Injectors in the Hidden Pods.

Once you’ve done so, you’ll be run through a brief training challenge that ensures you learn how to use the ability and capitalize on its effects. Upon completion of the tutorial, you’ll have successfully unlocked that Nanotrite Ability.

All abilities can be upgraded to bring them to a higher-tier and enhance their effects. To upgrade these superpowers, simply head to the ‘Nanotritees’ tab from the in-game pause menu and spend the *required amount of Feltrite*.

This resource is pretty abundant in the world of Rage 2 and you’ll acquire it as you kill enemies and shoot down engines of Feltrite and traces along the walls.

At launch, there are a total of 11 Abilities to be unlocked in Rage 2. Although you’d be working hard for the majority of them, the first four are unlocked as a part of the opening prologue of the main story campaign. These are as follows:

Heals injuries and blocks incoming damage for a short period of time. HP is regenerated automatically when picking up Feltrite. At Level 5, any damage received by bullets is reduced by 40%.

As the name suggests, this quick evasive move allows you to get out of harm’s way by throwing off the enemy’s aim. At the final level, it’ll not only make it impossible for enemies to lock onto when you’re dashing, but you will only receive 50% damage from any of their attacks for 1.5 seconds.

When activated, this mode will indicate the presence of any nearby enemies, detect Ark locations and act as a magnet to pull in nearby Feltrite. At its final level of upgrade, Focus will highlight enemies from a distance up to 100 meters away.

A supercharged state that let you regenerate health for a short period of time. This depends on a meter that builds up as you eliminate enemies.

At the final level i.e. tier 4; Overdrive’s HP regeneration capability is increased by 130% for the same amount of meter depletion.

These starting abilities also have an application with Project Perks that further enhance these skills by reducing their cooldown times and increasing their stats when it comes to damage or speed.

After you’ve unlocked these abilities, there’s still quite a lot more ground to cover and maneuvers to learn to always be one step ahead of the enemy. The other abilities along with their locations are described below:

An energy-powered barrier that absorbs any damage be it from bullets or explosions. This is particularly useful in open fields or areas with minimal obstacles to take cover behind.

To acquire this ability, you’ll need to make your way to Spikewind Ark in Broken Tract. Beware of the tough enemies and the boss here.

This passive ability will give you another fighting chance after getting down. At the time of dying, you’re automatically revived via an electric shock to the heart, should you have Defibrillation ability unlocked.

Another Ark that is located in the Broken Tract region, this time make your way southeast to reach Canyon Cove. Look behind a destroyed building for entry to the Ark and fight through to obtain the Defibrillation ability.

This maneuver lets you perform a double jump while airborne. In terms of exploration, you can reach elevated platforms and steep ledges via this special jump.

As for the combat, this is best used when combined with Slam attack ability that we’ll be talking about below.

Head to the north of Broken Tract to reach the Great Crack Ark along the hillside close to the Junkers Pass Ark. It’s in this Ark you’ll be able to acquire the ability.

This works as an alternative to Dash ability albeit Rush won’t last for long allowing you to quickly re-position yourself and get back into the heat of the battle.

It works best for getting out of tight spots or sprinting towards the enemy. By using the Rush ability, you can move from cover to cover without taking a hit. Grab the ability from the Deadlypipe Ark south of Lagooney trader camp in Sekreto Wetlands.

Perform a quick leap attack as you lunge forward and release a shockwave of energy pushing back enemies and breaking their armor in the process.

This is useful in combat when it comes to throwing off an enemy’s guard or to deal huge damage to a single enemy.

Facing against a group of enemies, however, the ability works adversely as you put into the heart of the battle. Shatter is obtained from one of the easiest Arks in the game i.e. the Junkers Pass Ark in the Twisting Canyons.

A powerful shockwave attack as you leap high into the air and come crashing down. The damage and range of the attack are proportional to the vertical distance you ascend.

This essentially means that a double jump with the Grav-Jump ability lets you dish out more damage and has a higher reach compared to a standard hop.

It’s thus best to use both abilities in conjunction. Acquire Slam ability from the Earthscar Ark in the mountainous region of the Torn Plains.

This ability has quite many purposes so it’s very useful to unlock it. Apart from creating a singularity to pull enemies towards it, you can launch yourself high into the air with it.

This puts you at an even greater height than what you could achieve with Grav-Jump, so damage dealt with the Slam ability is even more.

You can also use explosives and grenades to have them and the enemy combine and move towards the Vortex together, creating a beautiful mess that ends up in bits and pieces.

Head northeast of Vineland to reach the Quake Hill Ark in the Twisting Canyons, for this ability.

How to Respec Abilities

There are a lot of interesting abilities that you can acquire but it’s not like you can equip all of them at the same time.

We understand that you might have wanted to try some out but didn’t like them. Therefore, to change things up a bit, you’ll need to respec or reset your ability slots to get a new one, this time, one that you actually have fun with.

This can be done by heading to Wellspring in the Torn Plains region. Take the route on the right to pass through some tunnels until you come out the other side and meet Doc Karl who’s rocking that VR Headset!

Now speak with him to purchase the “Nanotrite Reset” option for $500. Once you’ve done so, all abilities along with their upgrades will be removed, granting you all the materials back in return.

You can now choose to respec your abilities and spend those Feltrite on some other skill.

This is all there’s to our Rage 2 Ability Locations Guide. If you’ve anything else that you’d like to add, be sure to let us know!

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