Raft Beginners Guide – Cooking Food, How To Extend Raft, Dealing With Sharks, Harvesting

In this Raft Beginners Guide, we will guide you on how you can start your survival journey in Raft. We will detail everything that you must know before starting the game. With the help of this Raft Guide, you will know which items you will need to build before and which items can wait.

Below you will find detailed guidance on things such as expanding your raft, building survival tools and structures, fending off sharks, and finding some cool loot on islands and under the ocean. Raft has taken the ocean survival really to the next level.

Raft Beginners Guide

In Raft, you start the game on a single plank in the middle of a huge ocean and you must scavenge for supplies, tame the ocean, and survive the deadly sharks to create the ultimate raft and survive for as long as possible.

With the help of this Raft Beginners Guide, you will be able to understand the mechanics of the game in no time.

We have detailed everything there is to know about starting Raft in a proper manner and what should be the flowchart of the items and tools that you craft in the game. Follow these tips and tricks if you want to become a pro at survival in Raft:

  • Getting Started
  • How to Cook Food
  • Extending your Raft
  • Dealing with Sharks
  • How to Harvest Items

Starting the Game

When the game starts, you will only have a single plank as a raft and a grappling hook. The grappling hook is our most important tool in the game. It will help you gather all the resources floating around in the ocean around you.

You can throw the hook in the water in any direction you want and pull it back once it has resources stuck in it. You can pull towards resources of all shapes and sizes with your hook.

The hook is not the only tool that you will be used for collecting the resources. Since you will be floating in the water all the time, sometimes resources will even float close enough that you can collect them by simply pressing the ‘E’ button.

While throwing the hook, you can press and hold the throw button to charge it up and increase the distance the hook travels. This comes in handy to reel in resources that are much further from the raft.

Raft (1)

Materials and resources that you gather are in raw form. Before they can be used to build tools and items, they must be converted into useful tools and items.

Open up the crafting menu and go to the resources tab to convert raw materials into usable resources. Once they have been converted, you can start building tools and items to add to your raft.

Sometimes you will see some barrels floating around in the sea. They contain many different types of resources in them so you must always try to capture as many barrels as you can.

They mostly float alone in the sea but sometimes they are floating with other resources along with them as well.

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The first thing that you must create is a spear, which will help you fend off sharks in the game. They will continuously circle your raft and move in to attack time after time. Spear will help you fight them off.

You can find more details on how to deal with sharks below. After the spear, you must work towards building a water purifier and a cooking station.

Cooking Food

To survive, you will be required to drink and eat regularly. Lucky for you, the ocean is full of water and fish. However, you cannot use them in their raw form. Both of the things must be cooked or boiled before you can use them.

For water, you must first build a water purifier. After making the water purifier and putting it on the raft, build a metal cup.

Once you have the metal cup, go to the water and press ‘E’ to fill it up with seawater. Now head to your water purifier and interact with it to place the metal cup on it. This will make the water drinkable for you in some time. For food, you will require two items before you can start munching down some fish.

First off, you will require a fishing pole to catch fish. Build a fishing pole and then equip it and cast it in the water to catch fish. Once the bobber goes down, it means a fish has caught it. Quickly click and you will see a fish added to your inventory.

Once you have some fish, time to cook them. For cooking the fish, you will need to build a cooking station next.

Once the cooking station is built, you can approach it and put raw fish on it to cook them. Equip the fish in your hand to put it on the cooking station. This works same for the metal cup for water. You must have both items equipped in your hand to make them work.

Fish are not the only food that you can cook in Raft. You can also cook shark meat and potatoes. You can collect some shark meat when you kill one and for the potatoes, you will have to grow them in makeshift vegetable beds on your raft.

Extending your Raft

The size of your raft when you start the game is tiny and it will not allow you to build many things on it. It will hardly have enough space to put the water purifier and cooking station on it.

To make other useful items to help for your survival, you will have to extend your raft by building more foundations around the initial raft.

For extension of the raft and building other things on it, you will need a hammer. Therefore, a hammer should be on your list after the water purifier and the cooking station.

You will not only need the hammer to put new things on your raft but it will also help you replace the lost raft foundations to the shark. It can also repair damaged foundations and other things built on them.

Raft (3)

Equip the hammer and the default construction item selected will be a foundation. Use it to build foundations around your built items. This will protect them from sharks and will give you more space to move around and build additional items for your survival.

Once you have built enough foundations, start making some nests and putting them down around your raft. These nests will automatically catch all resources passing through them. It saves you the hassle of continuously running around to catch them.

Put enough nests around your raft and you will never have to run again to collect the resources.

Once you have enough nests going around, you will need a storage box or a chest to store all the loot because otherwise, it will all go to waste. Therefore, this means that your next target should be a chest. Build a chest and place it on your raft.

Now when you collect resources from your nests and your personal inventory is full, you can use the chest to store all the important resources in it.

As you continue to expand your raft, you may want to invest in a second water purifier and a cooking station. This will allow you to create food and water much more easily. Get some potatoes in the mix and you will not have to worry about food and water again.

Get another chest to store even more resources for later use.

If you want to destroy something after making it, you can craft an axe and it will allow you to break anything after it has been created. This comes handy when you have plenty of resources lying around and you want to change the layout of the raft a bit.

Once you have settled in well with your raft and all the basics are being taken care of which include food and resources, you can opt for some advanced items such as the Tree Cropplot.

Building them will allow you get a different number of resources right on your raft. These include wood, coconuts, potatoes, thatch, milk, seeds and foods.

Dealing with Sharks

Sharks are the only direct threat that you will be facing in Raft. While hunger and thirst will also kill you, sharks are the only living creatures in Raft that you must avoid.

These sharks will not only kill you if you stay in the water for too long but they will also attack your raft repeatedly and if you do not stop them, they will run off with a chunk of your raft. These sharks are not too tough if you have the proper tools to handle them.

You can craft spears and shark lures to control sharks. Spears can be used to kill the sharks while the shark lures can keep them busy for a limited time. They will eventually break the lure and come after you.

In addition, if you attack the shark while it is busy with the lure, it might ignore the lure and come after you. The lure is great if you want to explore the ocean depths and want to keep the shark at bay for some time.

Whenever a shark attacks your raft. It will start biting on your foundations. If you fail to defend it successfully, it will take it off completely destroying everything built on it. On the contrary, if you do manage to save it from the jaws of the shark, you must repair the damaged foundations.

To repair damaged foundations, all you need to do is use your hammer on them. Repairing will cost you resources but not as much as building a fresh foundation.

Harvesting Items under the Raft

The ocean is a treasure trove and some of the best resources are found under your raft. To collect these resources, you will be required to jump from the safety of your raft and into the deadly waters where sharks are roaming.

To make the sharks go away, you must use shark baits otherwise you will end up as a shark’s snack.

Jump in the water and you will see large metal pieces, shining objects, and lumps on the islands. These are hints to some of the best resources in the game.

Collect these resources to build even better items and their upgrades. You can use your useful hook to harvest these resources. When you see the hook icon on these resources, clicking, and holding will begin the harvesting process.

Raft Beginners Guide

This concludes our Raft Beginners Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!

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