Radical Heroes: Crimson City Crisis To Recreate F-Zero

A yet-to-be-released update for indie PC game Radical Heroes: Crimson City Crisis will try to recreate its own version of F-Zero, aptly called R-Hero Racing. That’s quite the turnover, since the core game is a giant beat ‘em up adventure.

Radical Heroes: Crimson City Crisis is a modern take on classic River City Ransom. It uses flat pixel-like models inside of an otherwise 3D world.

Characters can move through a sizable area, totaling 9 stages, each full of life and color. Aside from walking through the streets and beating up tons of goons, it’s also possible to walk into stores and upgrade fighters with a few gadgets.

Since it uses a 3D scope, Radical Heroes: Crimson City Crisis will easily be able to adjust the side-scrolling model inside of its locations to the forward-moving environment of a race track. Cars will hover around and feature a giant spoiler, just like the F-Zero titles. If it has loops, we’re sold.

For fans of classics, Radical Heroes: Crimson City Crisis certainly looks like a blast with a ton of content to go on. It’s kind of like Retro City Rampage, but with a closer view and in more of a Double Dragon style.

Currently, the game is in Alpha, so expect more updates to occur. You can already buy the game through Desura for €2.49.

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