Radeon 570 Spotted in Samsung’s Booth CES 2017

Yet another unannounced graphics card spotted to come in a laptop, this time Radeon 570 spotted at Samsung’s booth. Upcoming Samsung Notebook Odyssey will have a Radeon RX 570, as seen in the image.

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The source and the image below came directly from a Reddit user, who spotted the specifications of upcoming Samsung Notebook Odyssey. Radeon 570 spotted in the graphics specification section. The upcoming laptop sports a 17.3-inch screen with 7th generation Intel Core i7 processor. Plus, 64GB DDR4 memory.


Previously, in an advertisement by Lenovo, AMD RX 560M was spotted Lenovo unknowingly leaked the yet unreleased RX 500 Series Radeon graphics card. Lenovo Y520’s graphics card section described the details of RX 560M. Plus, according to official website, Y520 will sport next generation graphics card that includes: Nvidia GTX 1050, GTX 1050 Ti, and AMD RX 560M. Lenovo Y520 advertisement laid the ground work that AMD Radeon RX 500 series will come, this year.

It was about time that Radeon 570 spotted by crazybubba64, a reddit user. Moreover, the user approached a Samsung official to confirm if the specification in the image were type mistake. To reply, Samsung said it is not a type mistake. Furthermore, in a recent update he mentioned that, the card is an OEM version of Radeon 470. AMD confirmed it later.

However, rebranding was obvious for certain reasons. Lenovo’s Y520 sported RX 560M, suffix “M” says a mobile series card. But, Samsung Notebook Odyssey graphics card spec says Radeon 570. There is no sign of any suffix or mobile series. Hence, it was evident from the name that it will get re-branded.

What do you think about AMD rebranding 470 series? will the graphics card perform better. Or, will AMD outsell rebranded graphics card by just simply changing the name instead of providing additional power. Let us know what you think in comments section below.



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