Race the Sun Headed To PS3, PS4, PS Vita This Summer

Semi-random racing game Race the Sun will be coming to Playstation 4, Playstation 3 and PS Vita this summer. It was previously released on PC.

In a recent Playstation Blog post, the developer recounts some of the history behind the game. It all started with the idea of having a game that would be easy to learn, but tough to master.

To get the feel right of the physics and controls in the racing title, they had to spend a ton of time trying out different variables. Eventually, they landed on something they were comfortable with.

Then, they faced a new problem. As a randomly generated world, Race the Sun’s endless model felt like it lacked challenge, once the controls were mastered.

To create more complex obstacles, a method was designed to mix and match certain segments in the game, so gameplay would be different each time. This leads us to how Race the Sun feels like today.

Instead of just having a different game each run, Race the Sun changes its world once per day. That way, you can still try to overcome its breakneck challenge, but the day after it will have another setup.

In the way the racing game is now, it allows for its tougher parts to be mastered, without ultimately getting the comfort of track recognition. Additionally, it has a gameplay mode where the environment just goes berserk and the goal is merely to outlive the onslaught for a few seconds.

Originally, Race the Sun had a troubled time to get noticed. It wasn’t on Steam and so it didn’t gain a lot of interest.

Due to some relentless work from the developer, however, Race the Sun eventually saw its spot on Steam and has since been doing much better. Hopefully, its Playstation appearance will follow suit.

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