Quantum Break PC Rating Has Been Quietly Removed

Fans went up in joy when yesterday we reported that Quantum Break is heading to PC. The reason for us to believe this was a rating from Brazil Advisory board.

The board rated this Xbox One title for PC as well.  Our Editor Arslan Tufail said the following about the listing in his report:

“..given the fact that more and more Xbox One exclusives are eventually landing on PC – Dead Rising 3, Ryse: Son of Rome, Killer Instinct – I would not be surprised if Quantum Break also makes it to the list albeit a little later than the Xbox One version.”

It’s hard to argue with him on this one.

Indeed we are seeing more and more Xbox games making their way to PC. It could mainly be due to the fact that Microsoft is making efforts to bring Xbox and Windows closer together.

More Xbox games will come to PC but as for Quantum Break, it looks like for the time being Remedy nor Microsoft wants you to know about Quantum Break on PC, because the listing in question was silently removed.

Sneaky Sneaky Remedy!

The good news on the other hand is that when you combine this listing with Remedy’s one particular statement, it surely fuels the assumptions that QB will indeed head to PC after its release on Xbox One. Last Year, Remedy said that there is hope for the game’s PC version after its console release.

Quantum Break is heading exclusively (for now) to Xbox One in April.

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