Quantic Dream’s Reportedly Getting Fully Acquired By NetEase

French developer Quantic Dream is reportedly all set to be completely acquired by Chinese internet technology conglomerate NetEase.

According to a report by Exputer earlier today, NetEase and Quantic Dream have been discussing acquisition terms for several months now and an official announcement can be expected in the coming summer.

NetEase already owns a minority stake in Quantic Dream which it purchased in 2019 for an undisclosed amount to help “develop advanced technologies and games for the future.” The Chinese company has now shown interest in increasing its share by completely acquiring Quantic Dream.

Quantic Dream on the other hand was reportedly searching to be fully acquired ever since its three-game exclusivity deal with Sony Interactive Entertainment expired with Detroit: Become Human in 2018.

Project Karma, a space exploration game that was revealed last December as Star Wars Eclipse, was pitched by Quantic Dream to several companies, including NetEase, in the hopes of being acquired.

Star Wars Eclipse is currently in early development and presumed to be around three or four years away from release. The game will feature a multi-character “intricately branching” narrative in the High Republic era of the Star Wars galaxy that “puts the destinies of multiple playable characters in your hands”.

Since its deal with Sony has expired, Quantic Dream is expected to land Star Wars Eclipse on all major platforms. That includes the new PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series consoles alongside PC.

Quantic Dream has made a name for itself for helming games that are driven by a strong narrative and quick-time events. Before Detroit: Become Human, the developer worked on Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rain in 2013 and 2010 respectively for PlayStation and PC.

That being said, Star Wars Eclipse is said to be featuring a “more traditional action gameplay” and might not closely follow the same path as the previous three narrative-driven games.

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