Quake Remastered Gets Rated Ahead Of QuakeCon 2021

Following a few rumors and leaks in the past couple of months, Quake Remastered is finally prepped for an official announcement in the coming hours.

Earlier today, the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) went ahead and rated Quake Remastered for all major platforms. That covers both previous- and current-generation consoles, PC, as well as the Nintendo Switch.

While the ESRB rating only mentions Quake alone, the South Korean rating board specifically mentions Quake Remastered. It also should be noted that since the remaster is coming to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series consoles, first-person shooter fans can expect to see support for a number of next-generation features such as ray tracing, higher resolutions and higher frame rates.

The said features, potentially new content, release plans, and more should all be confirmed once Quake Remastered is officially announced at QuakeCon 2021 which goes live later today as an all-digital affair owing to COVID-19.

Quake was previously rumored to be getting reboot by developers Id Software and MachineGames. The game was said to have both single-player and multiplayer modes, and most importantly, a new female protagonist to perhaps take the franchise into a new direction.

The rumors gained strength last week when an uploaded schedule of QuakeCon 2021 mentioned MachineGames to be discussing a “revitalized edition” of a game with an “iconic legacy.” The listing was edited soon after but not before fans ascertained that the writing on the wall was clearly hinting a return of the Quake franchise in a new shiny coat of paint.

Quake’s Ranger and Doom’s Doomguy have always shared a number of similarities. Both travel across time and dimensions to fight off evil and protect humanity. It also should be noted that both characters were created by Id Software and hence, looking at the recent Doom reboot, it was perhaps time for a Quake Remastered to appear with a new lead as well.

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