Quake Champions Spring 2020 Update Released, Clan Arena

A brand new update went live for Quake Champions on PC (Steam). Quake Champions Spring 2020 Update has a new game mode: Clan Arena; new ranked mode: Clan Arena 2v2; Clan Arena 1v1 Custom game mode; new Arcade mode: Rip and Tear; and new season 6 rewards. These rewards include 1 New Outfit, 4 New Weapons, 5 returning Weapons, 3 New Spring Vanities, and more.

Quake Champions is the free-to-play installment of Quake, the popular FPS video game saga created by John Romero, John Carmack, and American McGee. Betting on a design focused on eSports and the online and competitive side, this video game is a reformulation of Quake with new ingredients, better graphics, and the same solid and frenetic gameplay as always. Below you will find some key patch notes regarding Quake Champions Spring 2020 Update.

New Game Mode: Clan Arena

4v4 team-play found in Practice, Quick Play, and Custom Game. Eliminate the other team to win the round, win 10 rounds to win the match. Players spawn with all weapons and full ammo, no items spawn on the map! Players do not drop items on death (shards, health, stroyent, weapon). Players spawn at full stack for their Champion: Heavies: 175 HP / 200 AP; Lights: 175 HP /150 AP; Mediums: 175 HP / 175 AP; Active abilities are disabled.

New Ranked Mode: Clan Arena 2v2

Same rules as 4v4, except there are half as many players and no breakable pots in Quake Champions. Can multi-queue alongside TDM 2v2.

Custom Game: Clan Arena 1v1

Ranger only. 200/200 Stack. Active abilities disabled.

New Arcade Mode: Rip and Tear

DOOM Slayer-only FFA Mode. Spawn 120 HP / 0 AP. Spawn with Super Shotgun and infinite shells. Spawn with Berserk ability ready, with an insta-glory-kill punch in Quake Champions.

New Season 6 Rewards

1 New Outfit, 4 New Weapons, 5 returning Weapons, 3 New Spring Vanities, 13 returning Spring Vanities, and more.

Here you will find the complete list of all Quake Champions Spring 2020 Update patch notes. I remind you that id Software and Bethesda Softworks’ Quake Champions released as an early access title on August 10, 2018 for PC.

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