Pyre Talismans Guide

Pyre Talismans Guide to help you learn everything you need to know about Talismans, their effects, best Talismans & leveling them.

We’ve detailed everything you need to know about all the different Talismans & their effects in this Pyre Talismans guide. The effects that we’ve mentioned below are from the fully leveled up versions of Talismans.

Keeping this in mind, it’s important to know what each Talisman does. The information should allow you to choose the one that suits your playstyle & needs.

In addition to this, you can also level up Talismans to improve their power. You can read on to know how to upgrade them.

Pyre Talismans

Every Exile has access to a range of Talismans that are powerful abilities – capable of changing the tide of a battle. During the course of the game, you’ll continue to unlock additional Talismans but will only be able to use one at any given time.

Talismans & Effects

Ashen Coal
This Talisman allows you to acquire +30 HP.

Astral Eye
This Talisman allows you to lose -3 Hope & the cost of +8 additional damage.


Black Claw
This Talisman allows you retain Aura while using the Orb.

Black Heart
This Talisman allows you have an infinite amount of Stamina after getting banished.

Black Hoof
This Talisman allows you to gain +100 Stamina at the inability of using Orb.

Bottled Void
This Talisman allows you draw in enemies after returning from being banished.

Bright Wisp
This Talisman allows you pass Orb after getting banished.

Cur Fang
This Talisman allows you dish out +8 bonus damage.

Dying Flame
This Talisman allows you dish out +8 bonus damage when opponents are short on HP.

Faerie Spirit
This Talisman allows you acquire an infinite amount of Stamina after banishing an enemy.

Faith Stone
This Talisman allows you acquire +8 Hope.

Flame Leech
This Talisman allows you replenish HP equal to 50% of the total damage dealt to enemies.

Frozen Soul
This Talisman allows you deal +10 damage from the Rite start.

Gol’s Bracer – Hedwyn
This Talisman allows you acquire an infinite amount of Stamina for 5 seconds after landing a successful hit.

Haub’s Wing – Ti’Zo
This Talisman allows you spent 100% less Stamina while using Flutter & Zip.

Infernal Bloom
This Talisman allows you gain 80% Aura Burst after banishing an enemy with Aura-casting.

Jeweled Band
This Talisman allows you acquire +2 Presence, +2 Quickness, & +2 Hope.

Jomuer’s Fang – Rukey
This makes the Aura-cast to last for +500% longer.

Khaylmer’s Anklet – Fae
This Talisman allows you bounce Aura off objects & surfaces.

Living Flame
This Talisman allows you receive +8 damage if you’ve more HP than the opponent.

Lu’s Bough – Volfred
This Talisman allows you cover +100% more distance when using Blink.

Luminous Idol
This Talisman allows you replenish 100% Stamina when grabbing Orb.

Lunar Glass
This Talisman allows you move +20% faster when carrying Orb.

Milthe’s Tail – Bertrude
This Talisman allows Aura-cast to pass through objects.

Mottled Flask
This Talisman increases the Stamina recovery by +40%.

Nihiland Leech
This Talisman gives you +40% chances of recovering Stamina after banishing an opponent.

Ores’s Scale – Sir Gilman
This Talisman allows you to jump +60% farther.

Prayer Beads
This Talisman gives you 100% chances of avoiding banishment after going into an opponent’s Pyre.

Righteous Flame
This Talisman increases Pyre restoration by +10%.

Rite Lite
Losing Pyre restores it by +20% but only once per Pyre.

Ruined Band
This Talisman gives you +2 Presence, +2 Quickness, & +2 Hope.

Scribe Rock
This Talisman gives you +8 Presence.

Shooting Star
This Talisman allows you to banish opponents by throwing Orb at them.

Sling Bullet
This Talisman allows you throw Orb +40% farther.

Solliam’s Horn – Jodariel
This Talisman allows you cast Aura +60% faster and farther.

Star Splinter
This Talisman gives you +80% Charge-Up Speed while throwing the Orb.

Sunken Shadow
This Talisman causes +2 seconds longer to return from banishment.

Tailwind Crest
This Talisman gives you +8 Quickness.

Thorned Knot
This Talisman increases Maximum Range by +30% when Aura-casting.

Titan Tooth
This Talisman allows you to stun airborne enemies.

Triesta’s Plume
This Talisman allows you deal +5 damage & prevents Pamitha from being banished.

Twilight Shard
This Talisman allows you to deal +8 increased damage when throwing Orb to an opponent’s Pyre.

Typhoon Bottle
Enemies are slowed down & unable to use abilities after you banish an opponent’s Triumvirate.

Vengeful Vow
It allows the ensuing blast to banish opponents from +500 radius after getting banished.

Webbed Lanthorn
This causes a banished ally to instantly return after you banish an enemy.

How to Upgrade Talismans

In order to upgrade Talismans, you need to speak to Ron who sells Stardust in different quantities. Once bought, you should easily be able to upgrade your Talismans. However, do note that you may have to spend quite a lot of Stardust in order to increase the power of a Talisman.

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